Being close to nature always makes our minds and bodies feel serene and healthy. A weekend getaway to a home outside the city where you can just relax and enjoy is the ideal way to recharge for the next week.

So why not find your place where you can relax, read, and escape from the outside world?

Project Name: Villa Hacienda
Architecture Firm :Chaukor Studio
Principal Architect : Ar.Nilesh Bansal
Design Team : Nilesh Bansal & Ujjwal Bansal

Design Location: Gurugram, Haryana
Site Area : 2 Acres
Builtup Area : 12000 sqft
Client : Mr. Akshat Suri

Typology: Farmhouse Design
Current Status: Conceptual

Structural Engineers: EBI India
Rendering & Walkthroughs: Ujjwal Bansal
Video Direction and voiceover: Reetika Tandon

Villa Hacienda by Chaukor Studiovv - Sheet4
©Chaukor Studio

Your home should be a tranquil retreat where you may take a break from your busy daily schedule and completely be yourself. This space should be able to encourage remarkable ideas by offering a calm, undisturbed environment where one may unwind and think peacefully.

Villa hacienda was designed as a getaway for a couple who loves to have their own space to unwind. Adorable dogs owned by the couple are very energetic and enjoy running around outside.

Villa Hacienda by Chaukor Studiovv - Sheet6
©Chaukor Studio

People often engage with nature in form of outdoor spaces designed in a project to rejuvenate their energy .Similarly the farmhouse incorporates considerable outdoor spaces that interact with interior spaces. The fireplace, gazebo, private courtyard, and a swimming pool, which overlooks the surrounding greenery and vegetation, comprise the private outdoor areas.

Villa Hacienda is a classical home design in Gurgaon.

The farmhouse is an example of classic exterior home design in Gurgaon.

Villa Hacienda by Chaukor Studiovv - Sheet7
©Chaukor Studio

The choice of a relatively neutral colour palette helps to emphasize that the space is intended for relaxation. The delicate and soothing pastel colours have a calming effect and revive pleasant childhood memories. One needs to find little things that remind them of how simple and carefree life was in order to keep the inner child alive.

Various sloping roofs of the building make it simpler for the structure to blend with the surroundings. A sloping roof establishes a much closer bond with the ground, focusing on the soil, the roots, and the foundation from which we are all evolved.

A unique and beautiful architectural feature known as the archways is used to link the building’s public spaces with its private outdoor spaces. The stone-cladded archways draw the user’s attention, highlight the space, and set it apart from the surrounding area.

Villa Hacienda by Chaukor Studiovv - Sheet9
©Chaukor Studio

A fusion of large and small windows can be observed on all the facades of the building. The small windows elevate the mood by allowing little cool breeze and preventing direct sunlight from overheating the rooms. These windows additionally improve the building’s aesthetic appeal due to its decorative characteristics like spindles. Large windows overlook the private open spaces and provide a lot of natural light for the interior areas.

There is a central courtyard designed outside the main living area that provides a beautiful perspective and adds to the overall appeal of being indoors by making it more interesting. A courtyard like this seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor spaces.

©Chaukor Studio

The wall lamps give the entire structure a vintage feel. The ornamentation surrounding the arch enhances its decoration and beauty. Its organic form breaks up the monotony of the entire arrangement of vertical and horizontal lines. The creepers that are incorporated in the building’s elevations highlight the natural way of growing.

The Spanish Hacienda Style serves as the theme of the building’s overall design, elevating and defining the urban living experience. The architecture used in the building’s elevation design sets a different tone and mood for the experience it offers.


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