The Keystone House is a multigenerational family home which aims to embrace the togetherness of the family members who share a set of fundamental beliefs. Similarly like the keystone which is a central stone at the top of an arch, holding the entire structure together. Having a home to come back to is a blessing in a fast-paced urban life when it is challenging enough to even find a place to be yourself. Families are composed of people who, while having diverse beliefs and perspectives on life, stick together throughout happy and sad times. This home will further strengthen the bond between family members.

Project Fact File
Project Name: The Keystone House
Design Location: Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad
Built up area: 12000 sq. ft.
Typology: Luxury Interior Design and Elevation Design

Architecture Firm: Chaukor Studio, Noida
Images by: Avesh Gaur

Keystone House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet4
©Avesh Gaur

A Cohesive Unit: Unified through Design & Materiality

Various floors and elements combine together to form one cohesive unit. Interaction of levels and various terraces results in an intriguing interplay of volumes. By combining brick, stone, and a neutral colour scheme, the façade design establishes a traditional theme along with a contemporary identity.

Magnificent Entrance Experience

A massive grand entrance welcomes you to the house, Surrounded by a lot of greenery and sunlight. The first impression of your home is created by a well-designed foyer, setting the tone for the rest of your property. We feel positive and uplifted as soon as we enter the property because of this gorgeous foyer area, which is decorated with a sparkling chandelier and lovely plants.

Keystone House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet6
©Avesh Gaur

Multi-level Terraces connecting the House together

Beaches, hills, resorts, are few examples of the places we go out with family that are considerably quieter, less crowded, and tranquil, this is because nature has the power to uplift and revitalize you. A lot of greenery and organic farming can be seen in and around the house as part of our effort to incorporate nature into our design. It’s a great opportunity for families to bond and create cherished memories. Family time spent outside is undoubtedly more enjoyable than time spent inside. The beautifully landscaped gardens and terraces can be seen from the common areas of the house which further enhances their appeal as a quiet retreat.

Family Get-together spaces – Terrace garden and Family Lounge

To foster a sense of togetherness and interaction among family members, a terrace garden —landscaped garden on terrace level is designed. This large gathering area has been designed to encourage family members to relax and spend time together.

A sense of gratitude and contentment for everything you have is felt instantly when you have such an outdoor experience where the sky seems high and the city skyline is visible. The addition of plants and seating creates a wholesome atmosphere for hosting a party or enjoying your evening tea!

The lounge is another space for family gatherings and due to its marvellous characteristics like the wooden flooring, warm colour scheme, brick cladding and playful burst of colours on the counters, it creates a warm and cozy ambiance. The lounge area has a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere.

Keystone House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet9
©Avesh Gaur

Appropriate lighting to enhance the experience!

Lighting is incredibly important in terms of design. Ideal ambience of any space can be enhanced by appropriate lighting. A good balance of light and shadow may completely alter the appearance of any project, giving it fresh life. In addition to being utilized for basic visibility, it can also be implemented for design and aesthetic purposes. The terrace lighting in this project enhances the aesthetic value of the entire area by making it look more spectacular while ensuring that each light source provides adequate visibility and comfort.

Natural wall textures and murals enhance an ordinary space by adding more character and drama to it. The terrace area is designed in a way that the blend of textures, colours, and lighting creates an enjoyable atmosphere for anyone entering this space.

Keystone House by Chaukor Studio - Sheet10
©Avesh Gaur

The Keystone House

You might not have it all together, but you can have everything with the help of your loved ones! It was challenging to design the Keystone House in a way that was both cohesive and distinctive. But it could be one of the most exhilarating creative experiences when all of your visions take a physical form.


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