This project explored ways of redeveloping underused land to create a new use for the site facing a shopping street, where a run-down multi-tenant building used to stand.

Architects : Ryosuke Enomoto, Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD
Location : Oita, Japan ( 3-6-12, Chuo-machi, Oita-city, Oita, JAPAN, 870-0035)
Usage : Store (Complex store)
Structural engineering : Kuroiwa Structural,ltd
Construction :,ltd
Client :,ltd
Garden design : Original Botanica
Sign + Graphic design : Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD
Structure : Wood
Number of stories : 1
Site area : 237.51㎡
Building area : 87.63㎡
Total floor area : 64.38㎡
Completion : March, 2021
Photographer : Toshiyuki Yano

Takenishi Terrace by Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD - Sheet4
©Toshiyuki Yano

The site is in the center of Oita City, at the western end of the area’s most historic shopping street. The lively atmosphere of the neighborhood was long gone, and the shopping arcade was only used as a path to walk through. The client runs a rental property business in the area, and desired to regain the liveliness in the neighborhood by creating small tenant spaces and a relaxing, park-like place using a portion of the site, which was to be turned into a parking lot after demolishing the existing building.

The client expected to have tenants that are connected with and enrich our ordinary daily lives.

Takenishi Terrace by Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD - Sheet6
©Toshiyuki Yano

Across from the project site of TAKENISHI TERRACE stands a complex named “wazawaza” (*1) owned by the same client. The client also requested to make a connection between the two facilities so that they enliven the neighborhood together.

For creating an attractive space, we thought it was crucial to share our purpose with the tenants and work with them to vitalize the place. This was why we adopted a cooperative approach to this space design project, with the tenants chosen before designing the building.

Takenishi Terrace by Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD - Sheet7
©Toshiyuki Yano

We aimed to generate a lively atmosphere and provide diverse experiences despite the small size of the building, by placing multiple shops and various indoor and outdoor spaces to hang out.

In any of the three selected shops, we avoided dead ends to allow for free circulation. We also positioned the doorways carefully to encourage visitors to one shop to stop by other shops as well.

We did not backfill some of the earth removed from the ground during demolition to create a semi-enclosed sunken common space with a tranquil ambiance.

Takenishi Terrace by Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD - Sheet9
©Toshiyuki Yano

The inviting shopfronts and the terrace that embraces seasonal changes enhance the quality of the site as a public space that welcomes everyone.

The gap between TAKENISHI TERRACE and the arcade brings sunlight and breeze into the shopping street, while blocking as much rain as possible. The front and rear areas of the premises are connected via the building. These slightly extraordinary touches attract passersby and prompt them to stop by.

The alley inside wazawaza building, generated along the course of extensions and renovations, extends into the new building, connecting the two buildings and contributing to making the area more attractive.

After a few months since its completion, there has already been a clear change in pedestrian traffic and an increase of visitors in the neighborhood.

©Toshiyuki Yano

We will continue to be engaged in the project beyond our role as designers so that the place will revitalize the flow of people and provide hope to the local community in these uncertain times.

*1 wazawaza building (WZ bldg.): Designed by Takao Shiotsuka of Takao Shiotsuka Atelier, completed in 2009.


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