The AmbevOn project was born out of a partnership between Ambev and Poli (Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo) aimed at bringing students closer to the job market through research on topics such as innovation and entrepreneurship.

Architecture: Superlimão
Architecture Team: Lula Gouveia, Thiago Rodrigues, Antonio Carlos Figueira de Mello, Marília Vicentini, Maria Fernanda Bellodi, Giovanna Sarnelli, Gabriela Lamanna, Diego Alves e Ana Carolina Hidalgo.
Year: 2021
Area: 400m2
Address: Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 1380 – Universidade de São Paulo – São Paulo – SP
Fotografia: Maira Acayaba

Fornecedores / Suppliers:
Constructor: W Estrutura
Wood Work: Oficina 27
Light Designing: LdArti
Furniture: Novidário
Acoustics: Acústica e Sônica

AmbevOn by Superlimão Studio - Sheet5
©Superlimão Studio

This is a very relevant theme because we have long realized that office projects are increasingly similar to universities themselves, in that they are both places of exchange and collaboration. This time, the challenge was to bring the best of the corporate environment to the university setting.

The project consists of the retrofit of a 400 square-meter area located in one of the original buildings at Poli.

AmbevOn by Superlimão Studio - Sheet6
©Superlimão Studio

Most of the actions were done to restore and enhance the architecture of the building, highlighting its history and environmental comfort techniques. The open spaces, which had been closed a a result of numerous changes, were expanded to improve the quality of lighting and ventilation in the area while also establishing a connection with external parts of the campus, bringing a pleasant view of the landscape into the building. The project also paid special attention to the building’s acoustics so as to ensure the comfort and quality of the spaces.

To meet the various requirements of the program, dynamic and flexible spaces have been created that allow for different configurations, such as smaller rooms for internal brainstorm meetings, booths for formal quick meetings, individual phone booths and an auditorium.

AmbevOn by Superlimão Studio - Sheet8
©Superlimão Studio

With that in mind, of the highlights of the project was the creation of a motorized mobile grandstand, which slides on a rail, which allows the auditorium to be expanded or reduced as needed (to fit 30 to 50 people). Depending on its size, this area can function as an auditorium, a workspace, or a place for presentations and events. In addition, the space under the grandstand has been optimized and used for installation of phone booths.

A choice was made to keep visible some of the construction elements, their techniques and materials used, so that the space itself can be used to inspire and teach current and future students. The side of the bleachers has received a transparent element that offers a view of its internal operating parts. The drywall walls were built in transparent polycarbonate so that their structure remained visible, exposing how it was conceived and executed.


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