Located in the heart of Chennai, Prince Galada offers a distinct and unparalleled living experience that redefines high-end, contemporary urban living. It offers a unique blend of luxurious villa-style living and high-rise apartment amenities, providing the convenience and security that modern urban living demands. The edifice’s bold and contemporary style adds to the vibrancy of the surrounding residential neighborhood in Vepery, making it a prominent landmark. The prime location of the property provides easy access to a wide range of amenities and services, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern urban lifestyle.

Typology: Residence
Name of Project: Prince Galada
Location: Vepery, Chennai.
Name of Client: Prince Foundations Ltd.
Address: 61, Ormes Rd, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010
Principal Architect: Ar.Varsha Jain
Design Team: Ar. Navaz, Ar. Ganesan, Kalaivani – Engineer
Site Area (acre): 1.01 acres
Built-Up Area (sq ft): 2,50,000 sq.ft.
Start Date: 2014
Completion Date: 2019 – check cc

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The construction of Prince Galada displays the efficient planning skills employed in its making, as evidenced by its impressive achievement of an FSI of 3.5 on a compact site. The brief for luxury apartment buyers called for spacious and opulent units. However, the challenge was accommodating large units on a compact site with a high FSI while adhering to Vastu compliance and other constraints. To achieve this, the design strategy focused on functionality, efficient planning, and user comfort. By prioritizing these aspects, the concept evolved into an efficient and well-planned space that maximized the available area. Despite the constraints, the project successfully delivered a luxurious living experience that offers spacious units while still meeting the demands of a compact site and adhering to Vastu compliance.

With a focus on biophilic design principles, the project aims to break down the large built mass and create a connection to nature. This has been achieved by splitting the floor plate into two sections, with a landscaped garden at the center for apartment users to enjoy. In addition, both blocks are equipped with a central core, providing each unit with a spacious frontage and panoramic views of the landscaped area below and the city skyline.

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Effective circulation design can significantly impact the size and functionality of units within a building scheme. By optimizing the circulation areas in the two blocks, the units are able to offer a more luxurious and spacious living experience, akin to that of a lavish villa, despite being situated within an apartment complex. This design approach allows for more efficient use of space, enabling developers to create more extensive and opulent living areas while maintaining the benefits of living in an urban environment. To overcome the challenge of a restricted site, the design is strategized to incorporate two basement parking floors and a one-way traffic system for entry and exit, with ramps, effectively managing the flow. By confining vehicles to the periphery of the plot, pedestrian safety is prioritized, making the area more accessible and pedestrian-friendly. In addition, this approach enhances green spaces within the site, creating a more accessible, pedestrian-friendly, and sustainable environment.

The stilt floor is planned to accommodate amenities for the residents. The 14 floors above house 70 units, including 42 lavish villas in the block facing the road and 28 spacious units in the other one. The terrace floor of both blocks maximizes the space and enhances the resident experience, featuring swimming pools, party lawns, and terrace gardens that offer stunning panoramic city views. This design approach optimizes available space, providing residents with a unique and luxurious living experience.

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The central landscaped garden has a children’s play area, seating spaces, and paved pathways for walking. The multipurpose hall on the ground/stilt floor opens out to a garden, enhancing the experience of the dining space within. Indoor games and other recreational activities are housed at the rear end on the same floor, turning the entire space into a lively zone. Additionally, the areas on the periphery of the site and in front of the block housing the villaments are landscaped to offer the residents a much-needed refuge from the busy city life.

The block accommodating the villaments faces the road and frames the panoramic view of the city and the garden area below on both sides, enabling the residents to experience living in a luxurious villament closer to the ground. With the available frontage on all three sides, each space within is connected to the outside through large openings, maintaining the user-nature relationship at all times. An exclusive lobby welcomes the residents to the apartment, consisting of a private elevator. Similarly, the guest entrance is kept separate from that of the residents to maintain the utmost privacy for the residents. Each villament is designed lavishly with a foyer, formal and informal living rooms, grand sit-outs and bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes. The villaments are efficiently designed with all the amenities necessary for a lavish lifestyle, promising a gratifying experience for residents.

Although the form and aesthetics are significant to any architectural project, functionality is crucial for ensuring the seamless operation of the entire scheme. The elevation of the building is meticulously planned, resulting in a striking yet effortless appearance. This was achieved by thoroughly considering the massing and plans, resulting in a minimalist yet impressive design. In addition, the apartment facades feature a color palette of grey and beige, further enhancing the building’s overall aesthetic appeal.

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The plumbing shafts in both blocks are designed to accommodate outdoor AC units, providing easy access for maintenance. The shafts are lined with closely-spaced louvres, maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic appearance. Fire protection services are integrated into the central core of both blocks, along with the elevators. Sustainable strategies are incorporated into the design, rooted in Chennai’s hot and humid climate, ensuring utmost comfort for users. Aerocon blocks create double walls for insulation, keeping interior spaces cool and comfortable. Strategically placed windows and openings provide seamless cross-ventilation and ample natural daylight, and the blocks are zoned to cast shadows on each other throughout the day, reducing heat ingress. Considering Chennai’s abundant rainfall capacity, a rainwater harvesting system is utilized to optimize water usage. In addition, a sewage treatment plant is facilitated to recycle wastewater for various purposes.

Prince Galada offers residents the ultimate urban living experience, combining the best of both worlds – the luxury of villas within an apartment setting. The development boasts privacy, breathtaking views, verdant landscaping, and spacious homes, providing an unparalleled living experience that is both comfortable and secure. In addition, ample amenities within the complex reduce the need for residents to travel outside, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the luxurious and peaceful surroundings. Confiding in the lap of luxury and calm – Prince Galada redefines urban living at its finest.


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