How to make your apartment perfect for children if you dream of living in a stylish loft?

How to balance technology, style and comfort for the whole family?

Design: 2021
Construction: 2021
Location: Moscow, RedSide residential complex, 21 floor
Area: 164 m2
Construction: 2021
Development team: INRE Design Studio
Photo: INRE Design Studio

Family Microclimate in the RedSide Residential Complex by INRE Design Studio - Sheet3
©INRE Design Studio

INRE Design Studio experts developed the project of an apartment in the premium RedSide quarter during the pandemic and managed to create an ideal family space in just fourteen months.

The apartment belongs to a young family with two children; the father works in IT, and mother is a modern entrepreneur promoting her personal brand in the fashion industry. Children, a boy and a girl, Irish twins, are first-grader and second-grader.

Family Microclimate in the RedSide Residential Complex by INRE Design Studio - Sheet8
©INRE Design Studio

The main request was to make the apartment comfortable for the whole family with the focus of attention on the children’s interests. It was not easy to create a functional space in a short time, because the delivery of materials to order required precise calculation and took longer than usual due to coronavirus restrictions. This was a challenge for the designers, because the owners wanted to enjoy the abundance of light in the house, but at the same time asked to pay a lot of attention to details.

The project required customized solutions. Now we can argue pretty convincingly that the interior reflects the family interests to the full.  For example, technology was a priority for the father, as for someone into IT sphere, so the Lutron smart home system was installed in the apartment. The mother, being no stranger to design and art, chose certain color solutions for each room. Considering all this, the designers managed to create a space for the whole family, with a place for quality leisure time all together and for individual study and rest.

Family Microclimate in the RedSide Residential Complex by INRE Design Studio - Sheet9
©INRE Design Studio

The central living room in azure shades is a favorite place of the hostess. A bright detail of this zone is a large blue suede sofa and a Baxter pouf. A turquoise carpet is a connecting element in this space. The blue color is set off by white brick and grey graphite in the kitchen.

The large dining table is the unifying area for the kitchen and living room. A microwave oven is installed under the bar counter to fit the children’s height for them to be independent. The brand of the kitchen is Mk Cucine, household appliances are Gaggenau.

A unique micro-life was created by the designers in the boy’s and the girl’s rooms.  A climbing rope is suspended in one of the bedrooms. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows in both rooms add even more air and space.

There is a separate bathroom between the children’s rooms. All carcass furniture, mirrors and mosaics were made to order. The sink of an unusual shape is decorated with brass inserts. A step matching the color of the furniture is built under the sink for the children to reach it easily. Panels in beige shades were painted to match the desired color.

©INRE Design Studio

The guest bathroom is also arranged as a laundry room with sliding partitions: the equipment is neatly hidden and does not interfere with the view. Vertical rhythm of the design is supported by porcelain stoneware and vertical brass inserts.

The spacious master bedroom is conventionally divided into three zones: a dressing room, a bed, an office with a «balcony» offering a panoramic view of the city.

Two-level panels by the bed wrapped in alcantara create a «floating» effect.

Closet fronts are finished in light genuine leather. The hardwood flooring is made to order from two models. A Dovlet House rug adds color to the bedroom.

Decorative lighting in the ceiling with the dim light option creates additional coziness for the room. Automatic blackout curtains and blinds can completely block out daylight if necessary. The balcony «niche» forms another recreational area, where you can admire the city from above, sitting in soft armchairs.

Family Microclimate in the RedSide Residential Complex by INRE Design Studio - Sheet3
©INRE Design Studio

The bathroom is divided into «dry» part and SPA-zone with a bathtub. All carcass furniture was made to order. Each wall has MDF panels in white and gray-beige shades. Decorative lighting, copper-colored mirrors and double sink were also custom made to the right size. The Corian sink fronts are finished in deep blue leather.

The bathroom is clad with the original mosaics. The main part of this area is a large Antonio Lupi bathtub with a shower set. Spotlights built into the floor are used to connect the bathroom with the bedroom.

Style and deadlines presented a definite challenge. The apartment was sold within fourteen months during the quarantine period, taking into account the fact that all furniture (tables, cabinets, headsets) and finishing materials were custom-made.


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