Cut out a slice of the ground below your feet and what will you find?

Soil layers provided inspiration for a new fence to contain this small townhouse garden. The layered stone, brick, and blackened steel wall provide a rich backdrop to the newly renovated first floor of the 1909 Capitol Hill townhouse.

Studio Name: Moody Graham
Design Team: Moody Graham (Landscape Architect), Lawlor Architects (Architect), Oldetown Landscape Architects (Landscape General Contractor), Impact (Building General Contractor)
Area: 500 sqft
Year: 2018
Location: Capitol Hill, Washington DC
Photography Credits: Allen Russ

Capitol Hill Residence by Moody Grahamv - Sheet5
©Allen Russ

Moody Graham worked closely with the project architect to ensure the house and garden are interconnected. Plants were welcomed inside and out.

Capitol Hill Residence by Moody Grahamv - Sheet7
©Allen Russ

The second theme of black locust weaves through the project in various forms. The deck, fence, and gate are all constructed from black locust lumber; the stair handrail is a black locust branch that was steamed and straightened, and the focal tree is a black locust cultivated variety called Purple Robe.

Capitol Hill Residence by Moody Grahamv - Sheet8
©Allen Russ

Black locust was selected for its strength, rot resistance, durability, beauty, and long-term sustainability.


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