It is an apartment in Taormina with an area of 75 square meters plus terrace, overlooking the Ionian Sea and overlooking the Dukes of Santo Stefano palace mansion from the 1200s. The owners, a medical couple, asked to renovate the entire apartment by optimizing the area that contained an awkward pillar.

Project Name: Apartment in Taormina
Studio Name: MRC architetti

Apartment in Taormina by MRC architetti - Sheet4
©MRC architetti

An opportunity arose to incorporate an unwelcome element and, starting from a penalized geometry, a project was realized where the pillar becomes generative–like a branch grafted into a healthy plant.

Apartment in Taormina by MRC architetti - Sheet6
©MRC architetti

The latter disappears integrated into a wall that separates the living room from the small kitchen area. The kitchen sink area of about 3 square meters is wedged between the pillar and exterior wall.

Apartment in Taormina by MRC architetti - Sheet8
©MRC architetti

The furniture is completely custom-made by craftsmen carpenters, predominates all white lacquered wood and Zebrano essence – African wood whose name describes the grain pattern that alternates between light and dark brown.


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