Manas Bhatia, an Architect and computational designer from India, has been using the eventuality of the artificial intelligence( AI) tool Midjourney to produce surreal architectural generalities. In this design, he imagines a surreal future that has ‘ symbiotic ’ architectural apartment towers that look like giant hollow redwood trees.

Architect/Designer: Manas Bhatia
Project name: AI x Symbiotic architecture
Project category: Architecture
Project status: Design proposal
Softwares used: Midjourney AI, Adobe photoshop

AI x Symbiotic Architecture by Manas Bhatia - Sheet5
©Manas Bhatia

It’s fascinating how small insects and brutes make their residences in nature. Ants for instance produce their habitations with intricate networks in the soil.” Exploring further the ideas of how patterns do in nature, how networks are formed in the residences of micro creatures, If humans could generate structures that grow and breathe like plants do, what an amazing world would that be to live in! The design is an AI- grounded disquisition into the mortal relations with nature,” similar as appreciating a tree’s shade on a hot day, reading a review in a yard under a tree, or simply hanging out in a demesne to take in the changing tinges of the leaves.” rearing on these observances, the designer has envisaged a” romantic future” in which structures aren’t machines made of metal or concrete is presented. rather, the structure is alive and has the capability to grow and breathe.

Imagine the Hyperion tree( a coastland redwood in California that’s considered the world’s altitudinous given living tree) that has been hollowed out, with apartments facing inward and natural light submerging in to produce an alluring bio-atrium. With the help of AI tools like midjourney helped conceptualize some of the answers to questions like” Can structures grow?” Can the envelope in which we live breathe as living beings do?”

AI x Symbiotic Architecture by Manas Bhatia - Sheet7
©Manas Bhatia

Abetting the abstract exploration, the AI program Midjourney was used, which uses a series of words expressions nominated “ prompt ” to induce an array of images grounded on the prompt. For this design a combination of words like “ giant ”, ” hollowed ”, ” tree ”, ” stairs ”, ” facade ” and ” foliage ” were used as the prompt. also multiple reiterations were run and the instruction was altered with the redos to achieve the envisioned results. The crucial aspect of similar AI tools is the choice of words. occasionally one may not achieve the anticipated result. Still, the generated affair gives way to an indispensable vision that indeed the user may haven’t allowed of and that’s the beauty of it!

AI x Symbiotic Architecture by Manas Bhatia - Sheet8
©Manas Bhatia

With new age technology and tools available architects and designers will be able to produce their fancies with further convenience directly rephrasing their studies into delineations, definitions, and 3D models making the industry briskly and more effective. Using technology combined with the knowledge of natural systems engineers will be able to produce further biologically integrated designs. The possibilities are endless!


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