The project arises from the commitment to provide children with a small, friendly and stimulating sensory space; a place that is spatially and sensory suitable to the peculiar relationship that is established between these young people and the things of their environment. that relation is more tactile and olfactory than visual.

Studio Name: AV62 Arquitectos
Design Team: AV62 Arquitectos
Area: Edification 967.45m2 Urbanization 685m2
Year: 2011
Location: Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)
Consultants: Joan March Raurell (Quantity surveyor)
Photography Credits: Nico Baumgarten

Kindergarden Cerdanyola del Vallès By AV62 Arquitectos - Sheet6
©Nico Baumgarten

Spaces that allow the children to recognize them with the hands and with  the body. Walls that allow them to put themselves close to them and to be protected. Furniture arranged in such a way that allow children to place themselves around, and to interact and play.
Spaces that allow them to find their own places. Areas that are likely to be recognized.

Kindergarden Cerdanyola del Vallès By AV62 Arquitectos - Sheet8
©Nico Baumgarten

A spatial gradient that allows children to discover themselves and to make places theirs. Children begin taking control of space and things in their classrooms,  their backyards, the children of other classes, and finally the garden.

Kindergarden Cerdanyola del Vallès By AV62 Arquitectos - Sheet10
©Nico Baumgarten

Gardening is essential to our project. We propose two types of interventions. We planned several areas with different types of Mediterranean trees. We will find the oranges, the olives, carobs and holm oaks corners. In more slanted places not to be accessible we would plant shrubs and scent plants.

AV62 Architects

A studio founded in 1996 by Toño Foraster and Victoria Garriga. Since 2017 directed by Toño Foraster.

AV62 is an open team of professionals dedicated to the design of conceptual structures (systems of ideas, needs and desires) with a physical presence (cities, landscapes, buildings, exhibitions, …).

They advocate a model of growth-oriented material and re-balancing between the overall sustainability ( energy, environmental, social, cultural, economic), based on the broadestinterdisciplinary collaboration and a vision based on innovation and creativity.

TOÑO FORASTER, cofounder and principal

Bilbao 1968. Master in Architecture by the School of Architecture of Barcelona, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, 1994. He completed his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape. Between 1993 and 1995 he collaborated with the architect Josep Llinás and in 1996 he founded along with Victoria Garriga, AV62 ARQUITECTOS.

He has taught at several universities (University of Virginia -USA-, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Polytechnic University of Seville, ELISAVA / School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona -Universitat Pompeu Fabra-, EINA, University Design Center and Art of Barcelona, UAB, among others, and has given numerous lectures on his professional experience, especially about urban development and protection of architectural heritage in fragile contexts like World Bank Headquarters, Arab House, IEMED-European Institute of the Mediterranean, among others.

Much of his work focuses on the development of Cultural, Museum and Educational Projects as well as Territorial Planning and Urban Revitalization.


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