In 2019, the Moscow City Capital Repair Department decided to create new viewing areas on the reconstructed Balchug embankments so that people can look at the city from a different angle.

Year: 2019 – 2021
Location: Moscow, Sofiyskaya emb., Raushskaya emb.
Stages: Implementation / Concept + Working documentation + Author’s supervision
Authors: Sergey Markov, Alexey Afonichkin, Anastasia Medvedeva, Ekaterina Mezentseva, Olga Batridinova, Alina Rodionova
Photo: Dmitry Chebanenko

City balconies By Bureau A4 - Sheet5
©Dmitry Chebanenko

The department asked general customer to draw a visual parallel with iconic objects that are located on the opposite side of the Moskva River, directly opposite the city balconies, namely the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park.

City balconies By Bureau A4 - Sheet7
©Dmitry Chebanenko

In the top view we noticed a common feature of these two zones: the Kremlin wall and the Floating Bridge of Zaryadye fit into a triangle. The Kremlin and the bridge with its top face the embankment. This detail was a starting point to make three  balconies of two typologies, that is, water-side and an angle to the river. Another difference between the types of balconies is in the facade patterns. They emphasize the connection with the place opposite which the site is located.

We tried to develop a concise and convenient form. On the one hand, we were limited by standard setbacks from the parapet of the embankment, and on the other hand, we created a simple and clear image that would not interfere with stunning views.

©Dmitry Chebanenko

The steel structure of the balconies is lined with fiber cement panels with a milled pattern. Continuous floor-to-ceiling glazing with no handrail does not interfere with good shots and emphasizes the flying silhouette of the object. In the metal profile that fixes the fence, there is a hidden LED strip for the functional and architectural lighting in the dark. City balconies have become a new opportunity for Moscow citizens to interact with the river and a popular location for taking photos on Instagram.


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