We are studio dsa discussing the project Samyak built on a plot area of 5,700 sq. ft.
The project is ideally located in a local area called New Alkapuri in Vadodara, Gujarat. The plot is rectangular in shape with the length of 80’9”and width of 71’4.5” A Main 7.5m approach road follows an internal street of 6m, the east facing plot is drafted with a climatic appearance with a vastu oriented design In Samyak, the house is distributed on two levels and involves a living for 3 generations; the ground floor accommodating their elderly parents.

Design firm: Dilip Sharma & associates/Studio DSA
chief designer: dilip sharma & rudhav sharma
Project name: SAMYAK
Project location: new alkapuri, Vadodara
Project area: 6000 sq. ft
year completed: 2021
Photographer name: Udit Buch & pixellus photography

samyak By Dilip Sharma & associates/Studio DSA - Sheet7
©Udit Buch & pixellus photography

The street-facing front side of the house is sheathed by bold exposed concrete masses. Submerged into exposed brick work and hints of whites on the facade
the windows and the open volumes are brought up in a way that it allows the house to breathe and respond to the flows of nature, daylight and conditions outside.

The daytime volumes, including a formal and informal living area, are oriented towards the eastern street side of the site, filtered by the screen of greens and masses shading the whole structure in itself, while the private spaces overlook a lush garden.

samyak By Dilip Sharma & associates/Studio DSA - Sheet9
©Udit Buch & pixellus photography

On the first floor the bedrooms were laid in the sunward directions with the children room opening up in the south directing the wind into the house, the master bedroom was facing the garden and had a play of light all day with the movement of the sun. A home theatre was laid on the back side avoiding the harsh sun exposure and was allocated with a bar table.

Moving ahead to the informal living area again planned in the sun-ward direction is kept cool with the prominent use of blue and grey. The masses were placed in such a way that the garden came out to be a good sit out extension with pergolas placed at a 20’ height playing with the sunlight all day also the use of exposed brick produced the whole space an earthy effect.

©Udit Buch & pixellus photography

It is a house with a colour palette of warm grey and hits of blue and green keeping the rooms lively, an interactive play of a hue was intentionally introduced via grey Italian marble flooring. Adding to the palette and aesthetic appeal, copper inlays and brass murals provide an interactive environment. To make it more eye catching, green and blue colours were gently hinted at with the plush upholstery. For an open and arid illustration with a contemporary look, the white walls typically add to the whole project so the house plays with crude lights throughout the day.


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