Close to a residential neighborhood a new complex of buildings including an elementary school, a gym and a nursery is developed.

The building structure of the six-group-nursery is placed in alignment with the new street. The front offset of the north-eastern corner marks the entrance. The playing area and open landscape of the nursery are positioned in the south and east of the building site.

Studio Name: Burhoff und Burhoff Architekten BDA
Location: Middeler Straße 19, 48167 Münster-Wolbeck
Year of Completion: 2019
Total floor area: 1.200 sqm
Consultants: Aupers Ingenieure GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Jöken, Gehlmann + Lammering Photo Credit: Roland Borgmann

Nursery Waldbach By BURHOFF und BURHOFF ARCHITEKTEN BDA - Sheet2
©Roland Borgmann

Based on the age groups, each floor accommodates three groups, wherein the ground floor is allocated to the younger and the upper floor is allocated to the older children. To reinforce the children´s sense of security, the architect designed small, secluded areas that consist of the group area, the wardrobe and the washing room. The inclined storage room walls are associated to each group zone providing structure and rhythm to the hallway. In addition, a small patio in the center of the nursery enhances the building structure and enriches the hallway with natural light. The sleeping rooms are situated in the calmer area of the building.

Nursery Waldbach By BURHOFF und BURHOFF ARCHITEKTEN BDA - Sheet3
©Roland Borgmann

The stairs and the elevator are located between the group areas and the common rooms like the kitchen, the gym and the head office. A spacious area in front of the kitchen furnishes the possibility for parents to meet and interact.

The upper floor houses the gym, which can be recognized even from the outside by it´s room height. The building is framed by a roofed balcony which also works as an escape route. Children can use the wide stairway or the slide to quickly reach the outside playground. Rooms located on the ground floor have a direct access to the outside area.

Nursery Waldbach By BURHOFF und BURHOFF ARCHITEKTEN BDA - Sheet4
©Roland Borgmann

The facade of the nursery is blinded with a bright red brick and to amplify the effect the brickwork got pointed with a red filling. The colors and materials of the interior harmonize with the exterior, with the dominion of orange and blue shades.

Burhoff und Burhoff Architekten BDA

The Studio Burhoff und Burhoff Architekten BDA was founded 20 years ago by Beate Burhoff and Klaus Burhoff and it is based in Münster, Germany. The current team includes 10 architects working hand in hand to produce new innovative ideas and designs.

The studio´s portfolio spans a wide spectrum of projects from new buildings to conversion and restoration of buildings. They deal with variable tasks within the range of educational, administrative and residential buildings. The projects adapt to the local milieu, history and context using local materials and creating innovative spaces within the given parameters of schedule and budgetary constraints. The studio Burhoff und Burhoff Architekten BDA creates a strong identity that relates to the local community.


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