It is a project for 34 flats distributed in a single volume with a rectangular floor plan and 5 levels (ground floor +4) of private development where the construction criteria of the developer / builder are applied with the desire to obtain a building of rationalist and timeless lines.

Authors: AMOO | Aureli Mora + Omar Ornaque /
Mora Sanvisens Arquitectes Associats
AMOO collaborators:  Inès Martinel
location: c. Marconi 39, Rubí
start/end of the project: 2017
start/end of the construction: 2021
photographer: José Hevia
client: La Llave de Oro / Samato S.A.
area: 3.770,50 m²
budget: 2.520.000,00 €

©José Hevia

Located in an expanding suburb of Rubí, a city close to Barcelona, the slope of the plot defines the location of the main exterior access at the highest point, allowing the dwellings to be built on the ground floor towards the lower longitudinal street.

©José Hevia

The building is divided into two asymmetrical staircases: one with 4 flats per landing and the other with 3, which —in addition to the small size of the rooms, barely complying with regulations, and a classic distribution design but functional and cost-effective housing— leads us to find unifying mechanisms for the distribution of the openings in the 4 facades such as the marked horizontal aluminium strips, which stand out on the volume of sand-coloured brick and group all the openings.

©José Hevia

In addition to unifying and homogenizing mechanisms, other dissonant ones are used in order to give the façade more intensity —seen from a distance, reminiscent of rationalist architectures of the mid-20th century—, such as the large blind white panels that mark the location of the balconies while giving them privacy and allowing to hide the sun protection roll-up awning, or the emptying of the four corners covered with white panels that, derived from the interior distribution, blurs the parallel rectangular brick ledge defined by the urban planning of the area.


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