Context and constrain :-

The client required a four bedroom house and a consultation room with the other usual requirements.

The plot was a barren empty plot other than a well at the north-east corner. This plot was surrounded by either residences or plots for proposed residences

Name of project: Mannsa
Location: Kuriachira, Thrissur
Completion date: 04.04.17
Area of the building: 5000sft.
Firm name: Design Platform Architects
Place: Thrissur, Kerala
Architect- Sanil Chacko

Girish Residence By Design Platform Architects - Sheet2
©Design Platform Architects

Concept :-

After a series of discussion, the clients were motivated to have an inward looking house with Courtyards playing the central role in it.

The courtyards were placed strategically not only to make use of the natural breeze from outside but also to get the best of the views of the courtyards as one strolls through the spaces.

Girish Residence By Design Platform Architects - Sheet4
©Design Platform Architects

Design :-

A general colour theme of hues and tints of browns & yellows and glossy finished flooring were adopted with hints of gold to bring in the desired level of rich and cosy look. But to break the monotony of the general theme, the family area was given a rustic finish in contrast to flooring, but its colour theme of greens and off-whites merges with the general colour theme and the greenery of courtyard.

Different colour themes was opted for the bedrooms (feminine colour lilac for the daughter’s room, orange colour for the kids, yellow for parents and brown with black tint for the master bed) and its furnishings and accessories were handpicked to suit each of the interiors.

Girish Residence By Design Platform Architects - Sheet5
©Design Platform Architects

Innovations are interesting points:-

  1. Walking on glass floor of the half glass box connecting the master bedroom gives a tingling feel and a beautiful view of the courtyard below.
  2. The vertical louvers inhouse design in mild steel fabrication with panels of frosted glass and horizontal louvers give in a lot of fresh air and ambient lighting to the courtyard and privacy to the inside spaces
  3. In the family space, by providing the flight of the stair above the TV console area in transparent glass, the dual purpose of avoiding a clutter and an enhanced look was both achieved.
  4. TV console was sponged in paint to mimic the rustic floor pattern to suit the decor
  5. The fish on the walls that seems to swim in the shadows from the plants that sways with the breeze captivates and rejuvenates one’s senses.

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