The studio was created for an artist engaged in contemporary art. We had to create a living and working space, where there is nothing in access and nothing interferes with concentration.

Project Name: Artist’s studio
Office Name: Ruetemple
Office Website:
Firm Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 75
Project location: Moscow
Lead Architects: Alexander Kudimov, Daria Butakhina
Photo Credits: Alexander Kudimov

Artist's Studio By Ruetemple - Sheet3
©Alexander Kudimov

The studio is a room with an area of 75 sqm and a ceiling height of 5 m.

Since the height of the ceiling allowed it, we decided to design the second level where the bedroom is located. Meanwhile the first level includes the main space where the artist works, as well as everything else: a mini-kitchen, a bathroom and a storeroom.

Artist's Studio By Ruetemple - Sheet5
©Alexander Kudimov

The main color of the interior is white – the painting of the walls and ceiling, white tiles on the walls of the mini-kitchen and the bathroom, white wooden floorboards. It was an important condition of the artist – everything should be white. The black color is present as well: in the design of the stairs and the ceiling under the second level, and black details in the bathroom.

Artist's Studio By Ruetemple - Sheet6
©Alexander Kudimov

Large panoramic windows fill the studio with plenty of light.

The studio has a minimum amount of furniture, since it was important for the studio owner  to have maximum free space to carry out his creative concepts.


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