Understanding the apartment as a place for a temporary stay of guests, which should be comfortable, pleasant and memorable, we tried to find the techniques that will allow this place to differ from the ordinary high-level hotels.

Project Name:  Apartment near Red Square
Office Name: architectural bureau ARCHSLON
Office Website: http://www.arch-slon.ru/
Firm Location: Moscow, Granatniy lane 9
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 45.1 m2
Project location: Moscow, Sofiyskiy apartment complex
Program: apartment for rent
Lead Architects: Alexander Salov & Tatiana Osetskaya, Tatiana Yudina, Vera Ivanova
Photo Credits:  Daniil Annenkov

Apartment Near Red Square By architectural bureau ARCHSLON - Sheet3
©Daniil Annenkov

These techniques are hidden in the details, elements and various combinations – colours, materials, textures, decorations.

It should be noted that the choice of materials considered the reliability of operation and durability, as well as the relative easiness of implementation.

Apartment Near Red Square By architectural bureau ARCHSLON - Sheet5
©Daniil Annenkov

The apartment is a unified space where the functional areas-blocks are highlighted with different shades of muted colours.

The hallway area flows smoothly into a compact kitchenette. Next to the kitchen is a dining area with a work area, which opens into a spacious living area formed by two comfortable sofas. The main visual effect is waiting for us at the wall with windows, which are emphasized by reinterpreted stucco. These are frames made of a thin built-in LED profile. This solution allows not only creating an additional lighting scenario, but also refers us to the classical architecture of the entire building.

Apartment Near Red Square By architectural bureau ARCHSLON - Sheet9
©Daniil Annenkov

The laconic bedroom area is highlighted with a dark shade. The sleeping area is separated from the living room by a partition with a rotating TV and curtains, which provides a variety of planning solutions according to different scenarios of spending time by the guests.

The compact bathroom managed to accommodate a spectacular freestanding bathtub and a spacious shower place. The blue shade of oxidized copper is made of micro-cement. This material allows achieving similar to granite performance properties and remains in its original state for a long time.


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