The development consists of 11 terraced houses in two rows that, faced, share green spaces and a common underground parking, from which each user accesses directly to their home. Each house has a private front yard access from the street and a terrace open to the common gardens. Here is a swimming pool and a garden area full of vegetable species with a choice of colors for multiple colors, sun protection and hygrothermal comfort to the whole.

Studio Name: MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura
Design Team: Beatriz G.Casares, Carmina Casajuana
Area: 2312 m2
Year: 2020
Location: Madrid
Consultants: Myriam Menéndez  (quantity survayer); Secin Group (structure),
Photography Credits: Rubén P.Bescós
Other Credits: Baumit (SATE Façade); Newker (Ceramic tiles); Daikin (Aerothermal); Polytherm ( radiant and refrigerant floor);

PATMOS By MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura - Sheet2
©Rubén P.Bescós

The interior of the houses is designed with light as the main structuring element of space. In the center of the plant there is a big hole finished on the roof by a large skylight practicable, which, in addition to illuminating the heart of the house, works as a solar chimney to refresh all rooms naturally. In the access floor a glass wall obtain relationship between the living room and the kitchen, favoring that all the space remain visually clear and all illuminated. From the first floor we can see the living room, obtaining a game of crossed views that manages to dilate the space.

PATMOS By MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura - Sheet3
©Rubén P.Bescós

Constructively the best solution was sought to minimize the energy consumption of the dwelling until obtaining the Energy Rating A. For this it used the system S.A.T.E: an extraordinary wrapping of continuous insulation that works like effective eliminating thermal bridges and reducing the needs of air conditioning. The plaster of the facade was chosen acrylic (flexible and impermeable for not carrying the cement) and self-cleaning for a minimum maintenance thanks to the incorporation of nanotechnology. In the same line of consumption reduction, a compact configuration for the houses is sought, a correct orientation, a balance in the size of the holes, an excellent quality in the carpentries,

PATMOS By MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura - Sheet4
©Rubén P.Bescós

For the production of energy, a renewable system is chosen, such as Aerothermal energy, which turned out to be the most appropriate not only because of its very high COP, but also because of the low energy demand for which a radiant/refrigerant floor air conditioning system is ideal. Also it has been installed solar panels that cover more than 70% of ACS needs.


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