To the rhythm of the elements

And it is not only because its owners are musicians (which is also true), the name comes as a result of the composition of its façades, with apparently random inlets and outlets but perfectly embedded in a modulated plot as if it were a pentagram, in this case of inlets and outlets, of horizontals and verticals, of full and empty spaces. In short, a house with a lot of rhythm.

Project Name: Housing at Rhythm
Studio Name: Alberto Facundo Arquitectura
Sitio Web:
Year: 2021
Area: 212 m2
Location: Benaguasil, Valencia, España

Housing at Rhythm By Alberto Facundo Arquitectura - Sheet3
©German Cabo

Two-storey elevation on a pre-existing workshop. First restriction or first pentagram. With a distribution of pillars, beams and slabs already built, and therefore forced to adapt. The concept is based on having a central nucleus formed by the wet rooms around which the entire programme of the dwelling revolves.

Visuals. Adjacent to a public park, a panoramic opening allows one to enjoy the views. The façade aims to distort this type of opening (more common in office buildings) to give a more homely appearance.

Housing at Rhythm By Alberto Facundo Arquitectura - Sheet5
©German Cabo

Teleworking. Being a music teacher and a music publisher, it was essential to have rooms for teleworking, which ended up being separated from the pure housing programme in order to have the sensation of “going to work” and thus separate the professional from the personal.

Zero maintenance. Premise determined by the clients to compose facades with materials that were durable and required minimum maintenance. As a result, we turned to the face brick that never fails. We chose a Klinker Inlgés which contrasts with the grey of the metallic elements.

Housing at Rhythm By Alberto Facundo Arquitectura - Sheet7
©German Cabo

This house with a rhythm located in Benaguasil aims to use quarter notes, rests of half notes and a calm compass to architecturally compose its floors and elevations.


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