Vladimir Afanasev designed a holiday home on a mountain overlooking the sea for a family with three children, where everyone has their own personal space and everyone has enough space to relax and party.

Project Name: Holiday home by the sea
Studio Name: Vladimir Afanasev
Built area: 250 m²
Photo by: Sergey Ananiev

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet1
©Sergey Ananiev

The house is located in the mountains, in a quiet, secluded place. The windows offer a picturesque view of the bay and the mountains. The location borders the protected area of the reserve, where construction is prohibited, which forever guarantees the owners a beautiful landscape.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet2
©Sergey Ananiev

The total area is 250 sq. m (150 sq. m. living area and 95 sq.m of terrace). There were no internal partitions in the building, so the layout was done from scratch. The task was complicated by the difficult terrain: the house stands on a mountain, each floor in it has an area of only 50-60 sq. m. and the monolithic column in the center of each floor. The designer was tasked with designing the space so that the owners and their three children would have their own personal space. In addition, it was important to provide spacious common areas and guest rooms, the family likes to receive guests.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet5
©Sergey Ananiev

It turned out to be a large master bedroom, two separate rooms for children, two separate bathrooms (one of the bathrooms also acts as a laundry room) and a large open space, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room for the whole family to gather. A small outbuilding was made to store household equipment, and part of the engineering communications was also moved there.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet6
©Sergey Ananiev

A multifunctional space with a fireplace, a work desk and a small kitchen was organized on the upper floor, which, depending on the need, can serve as a living room for winter gatherings, a working office or a guest bedroom. From the multifunctional space there is access to a large terrace with sun beds, where in summer the family likes to sunbathe, admire the beautiful landscape and the city spread out below the mountains.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet7
©Sergey Ananiev

The decor uses shades of beige and brown colors, as accents – blue, as a reference to the sea, and natural terracotta shades. The walls of all rooms are painted one color and the floors are finished in ceramic granite. All this made it possible to create a background and advantageously show the subtleties in the choice of finishes, the airiness of space, the play of light. The space turned out to be warm and cozy.

Much attention was paid to furniture decoration, especially the tinting of wood. The most extraordinary item was a bench in the living room. It is made of an array of thermalized poplar, which absorbs oil quite unpredictably when finishing. The bench had to be redone several times to achieve the desired shade.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet8
©Sergey Ananiev

In the boys’ nursery, a blue profiled sheet was used to decorate one of the walls. Despite the brutality of the profiled sheet, it does not look industrial in the interior. Moreover, it is also an improvised magnetic wall, this idea was enthusiastically appreciated by the children.

Another unusual solution was the shelving made of thin lamellas in the living room, which, despite its lightness and airiness, also serves as a stair railing. Its design required careful study to ensure the necessary strength.

Holiday home by the sea by privat designer-Sheet9
©Sergey Ananiev

“I have been very lucky with customers and have been lucky for quite a long time — this is not the first time they have contacted me. They readily agreed to all the proposed ideas for the modernization of the building and atypical solutions. This allowed us to implement the project as it was originally conceived. We were limited only by the budget”  Vladimir sums it up.


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