Set on a prominent ridge in the foothills on the Tucson Mountains, this 2,700 sf home is a lens through which the clients can experience the magic of the Sonoran Desert. The architects, Victor Sidy and Nick Mancusi, devised the plan as two rectangular blocks intersecting at an oblique angle, positioned just below the ridgeline of the hill. The first block runs parallel to the contours of the land and serves the house carport, workshop, and study functions.

–March 24, 2022
Mancusi Design LLC
Practice abstract

Studio name: Mancusi Design, LLC
Design Team: Nick Mancusi AIA, Victor Sidy AIA Area: Arizona, United States
Year: 2017
Location: Tucson, Arizona

General contractor: Repp+Mclain
Photography Credits: Bill Timmerman

Chernus-Welch Residence By Mancusi Design, LLc - Sheet5
©Bill Timmerman

The second block – containing the main house – is oriented on axis with the view of a prominent butte nearby and at an angle to the hill slope, allowing the structure to be anchored deeply into bedrock on the south (bedroom) end, and to cantilever over the desert on the north (living room) end. The entire complex is sited to preserve a stand of saguaro cacti and rock outcrops unique to the area. The builder, Repp+Mclain, took great care to excavate and build on the site with surgical precision, allowing the native desert to gently meet the house.

Chernus-Welch Residence By Mancusi Design, LLc - Sheet8
©Bill Timmerman

Practice abstract

With a focus on Architecture, Construction, and Design, Mancusi Design, LLC is a multidisciplinary practice that offers the highest quality of work with an unparalleled approach. Each discipline informs the next providing a unique understanding that contributes to masterful execution, understanding complex elements and  helping  attain  a  higher  vision  of  what  can  be achieved. Rooted in tradition and progressive by approach, we offer world class, award-wining work that responds to our clients’ needs, while creating an opportunity to explore what might have never been imagined.

Chernus-Welch Residence By Mancusi Design, LLc - Sheet6
©Bill Timmerman

At Mancusi Design, LLC we believe that great design is the most important facet of anything we experience. From the places we live and work to the spaces and people we interact with every day

– design moves people in powerful ways. Every project we engage on, we bring our diverse experience to the table – allowing us to provide solutions and offer ideas that captivate and inspire.

©Bill Timmerman

Our unique background in Architecture and Construction allows us the ability to deliver unparalleled quality of work with award winning design and over a decade of construction experience that provides real solutions. We help our clients imagine spaces they could never have dreamed while enabling them to live purposefully and differently.


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