Matching the simple geometrical volumes, we achieved at large a complicated composition. The heart of the project is the evergreen garden in the center of the building. The wood and white brick have an important place.

Project Name: The House In Village Rybatskiy
Studio Name: Architectural studio Chado
Design Team:
Evgeny Zadorozhniy – founding partner / senior architect
Karolina Sholokhova – project leader / senior architect
Dmitry Konovalov – project leader / architect
Anna Drevinskaya – architect
Anna Kochergina – architect
Stanislav Kusinov – architect
Daniil Zhuravlov – 3d artist
Sergey Barilov – structural engineer
Area: 604 m²
Year: 2019
Location: Rostov region in village Rybatskiy

The House In Village Rybatskiy By Architectural Studio Chado - Sheet1
©Architectural studio Chado

These two materials are completely different by the structure. The wood creates coziness in the rooms, where a person will appear more frequently. The brick, in return, protects the wood from moldering and atmospheric condensation, and moreover, it accepts the main load. Therefore the wood and brick accomplish not only the constructive function but also become the important elements of the design. They create honest textures, which change over from the exterior into the interior. The entrance group, a block of a guest room, and study room made of wood. The wooden volumes represent the cozy spaces, which we located firmly between monumental brick walls.

The House In Village Rybatskiy By Architectural Studio Chado - Sheet3
©Architectural studio Chado

The house interior house in the village of Rybatskiy

We defined the interior geometry by the modern and restrained architecture of the house. The compact planes of the facade enter into the interior area bravely, reserving their external finishing. With the help of using the natural wood and hand-molded bricks, we were able to achieve a perception of honest materials and asceticism of the area. An isle of dense greenery in the center of the main hall and living room covers the entire two-light area. Large leaves of bushes stretch towards the skylight in the roof, which acts as an element of illumination of the whole composition and gives natural light to the green zone. The living room unites a dining room, a terrace with a swimming pool, and a BBQ zone into one functional utility for guests and relaxation. We designed the dining room with a large dining table as a separate block of the house. It serves as a gallery with a view to the pool and a large green courtyard. There is a small soft area for relaxing and watching TV near the dining room, designed for a big circle of friends. The staircase is built-in in a wooden block in a powerful brick architectural volume. It is an important separate element of composition that works both for the interior and the facade of the building. We represented wall decoration with a pure and compact concept, which based on simple materials without decorative elements. A solid walnut served as the main instrument for finishing. The soft tissues and glossy textures of matt glass bring a vivid game to the interior because of contrasting materials of finishing and furniture.

The House In Village Rybatskiy By Architectural Studio Chado - Sheet3
©Architectural studio Chado

The house landscape in Rybatsky village

In this project, we were eager to create the most spectacular landscape with a minimal level of costs. The garden base is unfussy long-standing flowers, herbs, and ethereal cereals that look aesthetically during any time of the year. There are green and bloomy plants during the summer and dried plants of gray-brown and golden tones during the winter. The plants’ silhouette and shape played the primary role. We planted them in the same species groups.

The House In Village Rybatskiy By Architectural Studio Chado - Sheet5
©Architectural studio Chado

That creates an impressive visual effect and a dense, voluminous composition, like the one, we usually find in untouched nature. Every component in it delicately contrasts in texture, sheet shape, and color. We specifically kept away from bright, contrasting plants to get as close as possible to the natural landscape image. And the palette turned out to be quite restrained: it consists of all green, bluish-blue, and silver-gray shades.


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