Treehouse, aerial view, by Ronald Lu & Partners

[January 2022, Hong Kong] Award-winning architecture practice Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP), known for its future-ready designs, wins the Advancing Net Zero Ideas Competition (ANZ), Future Building category for its new workplace concept, “Treehouse”. ANZ is a WorldGBC’s global project which calls for businesses, organisations, cities, states and regions to reach net zero operating emissions in their portfolios by 2030 and for all buildings to be net zero in operation by 2050.

Project Name: Treehouse
Studio Name: Ronald Lu & Partners
Location: Hong Kong
Year: January 2022

Treehouse By Ronald Lu & Partners - Sheet1
©Ronald Lu & Partners

The Ronald Lu & Partners team are experts in designing ultra high-density subtropical cities. The Treehouse concept is an eco-conscious integrated system that aims to reconnect the sacred relationship between humanity and nature. It is a net-zero and wellness-focused workplace envisioned for cohorts of the climate change generation. Treehouse features visual and spatial biophilic elements throughout, such as interior green walls and roofing, facades, water features and nature themed materials and furnishings. The space is airy and welcoming, with ample natural light and a soft sea breeze from the east coast, reigniting the affinity with nature.

Treehouse By Ronald Lu & Partners - Sheet2
©Ronald Lu & Partners

Treehouse Urban Woodland and Urban Green Canopy by Ronald Lu & Partners

Responding and adapting to the current microclimate and the needs of a new generation, Ronald Lu & Partners offers a new calibre of workplace that promotes carbon positivity through cutting-edge technology, design and management. To naturally regulate the temperature of the building, self-shading inclined facades are used for upper stories to avoid solar heat gain, while the rooftop PV system helps generate renewable energy whilst doubling as a shade for the roof. For alternative cooling methods in summer, wind is captured at 200 metres above ground and directs the air to an artificial wetland, underneath the Urban Woodland, and the full-height solar chimney creates a stack effect for natural ventilation, reducing heat transferred into the building.

A Treehouse Sky Common by Ronald Lu & Partners

Using cutting-edge technology, the smart-active building system not only encourages a carbon positive vision but is also human-centric. Landlord managed shared amenities and flexible interior spaces can be reconfigured to follow individual or group habits and patterns, allowing areas to be optimised for those working in them, including lighting, temperature and ventilation. From circadian lighting and versatile, mobile workstations to lunchtime yoga classes and employee eco-tokens, Treehouse is designed to be a seamless experience that promotes a positive work life balance.

Treehouse By Ronald Lu & Partners - Sheet3
©Ronald Lu & Partners

Upon winning the competition, Bryant Lu, Ronald Lu & Partner’s Vice Chairman said, “We are honoured to win the ANZ future building award for Treehouse. This win reinforces our commitment to improving buildings in high-rise, high-density urban areas and prioritising human health and wellbeing throughout the design process. We see Treehouse as a catalyst for change; a design that pushes for a carbon-positive future for all of us, and the generations to follow. Treehouse is not just a place of work, it is a seed planted that will grow as we strive for a more sustainable future. This competition has been incredible: the ideas and solutions proposed are all scalable, practical and replicable – they can therefore be applied to commercial buildings and project sites in all manner of high-density contexts.”

The Treehouse Skygarden by Ronald Lu & Partners

About Ronald Lu & Partners

Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) is an award-winning architecture practice focused on human-centric, future-ready design. Founded in 1976, RLP is known throughout Asia as being a trailblazer in sustainable architecture. For more than 45 years, our deep roots in China and our international perspective have allowed us to build a global portfolio spanning green architecture, master planning, transit-oriented development, and interior design. Working in partnership with many of the world’s leading developers, government bodies and institutions, we bring the values of our clients to life in high-density urban environments to “Design Better Life” for the people and communities that use these spaces.

Bryant Lu


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