Set amongst a background of vernacular detached houses on a traditional narrow 7.5-meter wide inner-city Brisbane lot the additions and alterations at the Paddington Cottage Renovation comprises of a simple and clear geometric reference to the turn of the century houses in the area in the form of a small yet well detailed and crafted extension to a high-set timber cottage with the aim of providing more living space and a greater connection to the north-facing backyard and mature tree for a young family.

Project Name: One Plus One House
Studio Name: Refresh Design
Project size: 132 m2
Site size: 259 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Andy MacPherson

5108 One Plus One House by REFRESH DESIGN: Sheet 1
Kitchen View ©Andy MacPherson

Two architectural gestures underpin the narrative of this modest kitchen living and bedroom extension. The first captures the formal qualities of the dwelling. The geometry of the addition is a direct mirror of the existing cottage’s proportions however, re-interpreted as a rigorously geometric composition wrapped in compressed fibre cement sheeting and cover battens.

5108 One Plus One House by REFRESH DESIGN: Sheet 2
Exterior View ©Andy MacPherson

A series of strategic openings in the form of solid casement and large retractable doors windows address both overlooking concerns from adjacent neighbours and create a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship.

The second is an idea of detaching the new volume from the existing, integrating a central courtyard and circulation space that connects the split-level plan between new and old. Clad in a light-weight polycarbonate sheeting with timber battens.

5108 One Plus One House by REFRESH DESIGN: Sheet 3
Bedroom ©Andy MacPherson

The previously dark core of the cottage now allows both volumes direct access to natural light and cross ventilation whilst further enhancing the connection to a landscaped courtyard, setback areas and along with it a sense of advancement to the local vernacular.


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