The beautiful white Highlight House is located at the heart of DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon. The
idea behind designing this unique House is totally the client’s demand for lavish design with a touch of classic architecture. So the design is inspired by the neoclassical architecture

The basic concept behind the design was to make it simple yet lavish and grand. The
architecture type of this house is simple Builder-floor typology. The idea was to stack floors
on one above the other. The ground floor will be used as a parking for vehicles whereas the
1st floor will be like 2BHK floor and the other three floors will have 3BHK style each. To
outshine the house in a suited landscape elevation is designed slightly different from the
surrounding house styles.

Project name: The White Highlight
Studio Name: ACad Studio
DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon
ACad Studio

5099 The White Highlight by ACad Studio: Sheet 1
Bedroom View ©ACad Studio

While designing any structure there are many challenges faced by architects. To deal with
the challenges there is always a possible way out. One of the challenges faced by
Architecture firms in Gurgaon while working on this project was to construct a builder floor
that does not resemble a traditional builder floor from the exterior rather than look like a
bungalow. To incorporate the builder floor among the houses of that particular area was a
tough challenge. A few of the challenges we related to the MEP of the buildings, which had
to be tackled on site. One of the design challenges was to connect the first floor and ground
floor, where one of the master bedrooms was in the ground floor which was getting
connected through the lobby of the first floor. Even mixing the classical and modern
elements in the elevation design was also a great challenge.

5099 The White Highlight by ACad Studio: Sheet 2
Dining Space ©ACad Studio

The white Highlight is typical builder-floor details the various prominent eye-catching
features. We did the massing of the house in such a way that the elevation of the building
looks heavy on one side so that the house could be highlighted among the neighbors. The
builder floor is divided into three parts sequentially: the ground floor will be for parking, the 1st floor will act like a typical apartment with 2 BHK and 2nd floor, the 3rd floor, and the 4th floor to have a 3BHK each. The ground floor acts as stilts for parking in the front and at the back, caters to a master bedroom looking towards the open lawn in the backyard.
The elements of design are equally separated and highlighted in the superstructure.
The iconic house follows the simple geometrical pattern at the facade. The columns are
covered with flutes and the horizontal cornice is exaggerated beautifully. The walls of the
house covered the excellent work of moldings. The railings of balconies and terraces have a
glimpse of classical architecture giving the modern touch. The southern part of the house
has a shaft to maximize the entry of natural light in the morning as well as throughout the
day.If we talk about the color combination of this building it is just amazing. The house structure uses a neutral color scheme to make the building extraordinary among the neighbors. As the name suggests the elements of the house are highlighted with white color so that part of the house Outshine. The walls behind are painted with different shades of color which are easily distinguished from far away. The building sets an example of a perfect color scheme.

5099 The White Highlight by ACad Studio: Sheet 3
View of Kitchen ©ACad Studio

The elevation of the building is just mesmerizing to one’s eye. The simple builder floor
designed by Architects in Gurgaon depicts the excellent work of complex detailing.


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