Situated just one street back from the Waite Conservation Reserve this house looks to embrace the relationship with nature rather than its suburban context.

Project Name: A House On Two Stones
Studio Name: RAD Studio
Project size: 413 m2
Site size: 920 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Photography: David Sievers, RAD Studio

5069 Rentoul - A House On Two Stones by RAD Studio: Sheet 1
Kitchen ©David Sievers, RAD Studio

Two monolithic blocks are lodged into the site heavily grounding the architecture while weightlessly, the upper level suspends between the two stones creating a connection to both the hills to the east and the gulf to the west.

5069 Rentoul - A House On Two Stones by RAD Studio: Sheet 2
Bathroom ©David Sievers, RAD Studio

Careful program carefully separates, utility, private and public spaces. Simple folds in the the facade allow the building to capture gully breezes to. Passively ventilate the house, articulated facades and layers control natural light and privacy to its suburban context.

5069 Rentoul - A House On Two Stones by RAD Studio: Sheet 3
Exterior View ©David Sievers, RAD Studio

A minimal and bold response to the site is reminiscent of harsh Australian conditions. The external rigidity of the architecture is softened by its natural contexts and subtle moments of natural forms.


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