Overlooking the Pacific Ocean amongst the lust green paddocks of Berry, sit two tiny copper towers. Designed to provide the essential requirements for shelter – a bed, a deck, a fire place and a bathroom.

Project Name: Permanent Camping 2
Studio Name: Casey Brown Architecture
Location: NSW, Australia
Photography: Andrew J Loiterton
Project size:
18 m2
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 2

Permanent Camping 2 by Casey Brown Architecture - Sheet1
Living Room ©Andrew J Loiterton

The demands of living distilled to the essentials. The structure is made from recycled iron bark, sourced from an unused wharf float. It has three manual winches to lift and lower the sides of the building creating an overhang to protect against the summer sun.

Permanent Camping 2 by Casey Brown Architecture - Sheet2
Exterior View ©Andrew J Loiterton

Entirely pre-fabricated by master craftsman, Jeffery Broadfield and the building team from Smith and Primmer in a barn on site.

Permanent Camping 2 by Casey Brown Architecture - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Andrew J Loiterton

The building realises many dreams for the client, the architect and the craftsmen. A collaboration relishing the process of making.


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