Scalar Architecture upgrades its first environmental design project on the coast of Northern Spain. This 2,500-square-foot residential structure, located near the small village of Trasierra, sits halfway between the Basque country and Galicia on Spain’s Northern Atlantic coast.

Project Name: Casa Lasso
Studio Name: Scalar Architecture
Project size: 2500 ft2
Completion date: 2005
Location: Santander, Spain
Photography: Miguel De Guzman

Casa Lasso by Scalar Architecture - Sheet1
Backyard ©Miguel De Guzman

Emerging from windswept former farmland overlooking the Gulf of Biscay, Casa Lasso intertwines built structure with the landscape. This occupation forms a figure eight along the site’s longest diagonal and aligns itself with prevailing wind patterns.

Casa Lasso by Scalar Architecture - Sheet2
Outdoor View ©Miguel De Guzman

The structure is composed of a series of hinges or vertical axes occurring at the moment of crossing of the figure eight. This technique defies and rejects standard projective geometries which focus on elevations and facades, in favor of an alternative composition that develops about the axis and the spaces in-between.

Casa Lasso by Scalar Architecture - Sheet3
Exterior View ©Miguel De Guzman

In the open quadrants of the nexus, rather than conventionally central or linear typologies, Casa Lasso defines a new model for cohabitation.


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