The Clients are diving and swimming instructors and conduct lessons at home. They requested for a full basement with swimming/instruction pool where the lessons are held and that is separated from the main house sitting on three levels above the ground with commanding views towards Pierce Reservoir in the North of Singapore.

Project Name: Diver’s Home
Studio Name: Aamer Architects
Project size: 630 m2
Site size: 375 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 4
Location: Singapore
Photography: Khasphoto

Diver's Home by Aamer Architects - Sheet1
Exterior View ©Khasphoto

Carefully positioned skylights, openings and voids allow natural light and ventilation to penetrate and flow down into the basement swimming pool area.

Diver's Home by Aamer Architects - Sheet2
Living Room ©Khasphoto

Together with other areas for classroom briefings, refreshment breaks and lounges, the basement becomes a conducive social space for divers, children attending swim classes, and their parents.

Diver's Home by Aamer Architects - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Khasphoto

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