A project in Fremantle, consisting of additions and alterations to a 100 year old duplex strata property converting 3×1 into a 4×2 and, above all introducing northern light.

Project Name: South Terrace Alterations + Additions 2
Studio Name:
Philip Stejskal Architecture
Location:  Fremantle, Australia
Photography: Robert Frith

South Terrace Alterations + Additions 2 by Philip - Sheet1
Living Room ©Robert Frith

Due to an E-W orientation and a narrow site, the strategy has been to collect north light from high level via the use of light funnels. These elements define the project formally and functionally, acting also to assist natural cross-ventilation.

South Terrace Alterations + Additions 2 by Philip - Sheet2
Bathroom ©Robert Frith

The extension negotiates a 1.5m level change to the rear of the site, incorporating a split level corridor internally and brick terracing externally. These level changes provide informal sitting opportunities and as well as spatial definition to the central courtyard.

South Terrace Alterations + Additions 2 by Philip - Sheet3
Kitchen+Dining ©Robert Frith

A series of interventions to the existing cottage give this component new relevance and knit together old and new through a common architectural language.


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