The Kooyoonkoot Road Residence is a compact design on a smaller site. The three-story form was designed around two north-facing courtyards with gardens strategically planted along the outdoor terraces to create privacy from neighbouring properties. The gardens intersect with the building to create verdant views from all the internal spaces so that the urban property feels engulfed by nature.

Project Name: Kooyongkoot Road Residence
Studio Name:
B.E Architecture
Project size: 551 m2
Site size: 531 m2
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 2
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Melany Wimpee

 Kooyongkoot Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet1
Exterior View ©Melany Wimpee

The material palette responds to the client’s brief for bright, refined internal spaces. The design follows a series of black metal details. The front façade is wrapped in metal cladding that meets a thin window detail while black steel windows punctuate the building.

 Kooyongkoot Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet2
Outdoor Seating ©Melany Wimpee

Similar features carry into the interior spaces, integrated into kitchen and living room joinery. Behind a thin black steel gate, a staged entry to the house brings one through a planted path to the large pivot door at the entrance, which is also clad in black metal.

 Kooyongkoot Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Melany Wimpee

A skylight draws one up the steps into the house. The bright, light-filled entrance sets the tone for the project’s interiors; skylights and windows are positioned through the house so that the occupant is always moving toward the light.


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