The Lobster Boat is a metaphor for a house that is economical, purposeful, and durable.

Project Name: Lobster Boat House
Studio Name:
Chadbourne + doss architects
Location: Seattle, United States
Photography: Benjamin Benschneider
Project size: 2380 ft2
Completion date: 2009
Building levels: 4

Lobster Boat House by chadbourne + doss architects - Sheet1
©Benjamin Benschneider

Located on a dense urban shoreline site, this residence strives to celebrate its location while providing privacy to its family.

Lobster Boat House by chadbourne + doss architects - Sheet2
©Benjamin Benschneider

A remodel built on an existing 24’x28’ floor and foundation infrastructure, the constraints of site and footprint result in an efficient vertical house that reaches the maximum allowable zoning envelope to provide a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lobster Boat House by chadbourne + doss architects - Sheet3
©Benjamin Benschneider

Economy is embodied in every aspect of this project including the sharing of site resources; reuse of the existing structure & utilities; efficient spatial organization; the owner acted as the general contractor; and the selection of materials and systems based on low monetary, environmental, and life-cycle costs.


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