A nearly new construction, Woodpecker Ranch was remodeled as a result of the clients’ aspiration to create their “forever home;” a house where they could raise their young children and incorporate all of their diverse extracurriculars into the property.

Project Name: Woodpecker Ranch
Studio Name: Arterra Landscape Architects
Location: Woodside, United States
Photography: Paul Dyer
Project size: 9912 ft2
Completion date: 2017

Woodpecker Ranch by Arterra Landscape Architects - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Paul Dyer

This Woodside remodel endured a complete transformation, with its most extreme conversions redefining the entry to the house as well as adding a level of uniformity to the exterior façade. One of the most challenging requests from the homeowners was to clarify the arrival sequence of the home, both from the exterior and interior, while looking for ways to improve the curb appeal.

The landscape team anchored the entry with a dramatic fountain near the front door and used in-stepping concrete and steel walls to help guide guests through the entry sequence. The architectural team prioritized simplifying the decorative stair in the entry and composing a uniform exterior color palette.

Woodpecker Ranch by Arterra Landscape Architects - Sheet2
Living Room ©Paul Dyer

To visually unclutter the stair at the entrance, the architects designed a transparent open riser stair with tapered treads and a wire mesh rail. The selected materials blend into the surrounding finishes of raw concrete and rustic wood that allow for the stair to plainly integrate into the space. The stair appears both visually transparent and material neutral at first glance, allowing the eye to see past the adjacent courtyard, to the axial alignment of the pool and heritage oak beyond.

For the exterior, the architectural team opted to streamline the palette of the façade and use a single uniform material throughout. They sourced and color sorted western red cedar, allowing them to simplify the color scheme of the home and retain the modern farmhouse character that had originally captivated the homeowners. The material was also consistently carried through many of the new landscaping features, allowing for a simpler, cohesive aesthetic across the entire property.

Woodpecker Ranch by Arterra Landscape Architects - Sheet3
Poolside ©Paul Dyer

The interiors team utilized the timeless silhouettes of mid-century furnishings to give the home warmth and soul. Art makes a bold statement in each room but does not distract from the overall design concept of the house or landscape. In the entry, Alec Soth’s dramatic black and white photograph “Near Kaaterskill Falls” greets visitors. For the living room Richard Misrach’s color photograph, “Pacific” adds brilliant teal to the driftwood color scheme.

The design team paired Danish classic Kofod-Larsen Seal chairs with a sophisticated tuxedo arm sofa, complementing the neutral color palette that fuses the public and private rooms. The completed transformation of the property demonstrates the expected credentials of a modern farmhouse, while implementing the personal touches of the clients’ design and living aspirations. The result delivers a contemporary yet comfortable home for the Bay Area family to enjoy for years to come.


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