The project is set on a large grazing property positioned on top of a crest overlooking the sea. With the spectacular views comes the exposure to the strong winds and weather directly off bass straight.

Project Name: Boneo Road Residence
Studio Name: B.E Architecture
Location: Flinders, Australia
Photography: Derek Swalwell
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1

 Boneo Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet1
Poolside ©Derek Swalwell

With this in mind, bricks were chosen as the primary building material. The design of the house was a series of brick ribbons that divided the house into its various components.

 Boneo Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet2
Exterior ©Derek Swalwell

The masonry construction used long thin concrete bricks developed explicitly for our firm by National Masonry. The bricks were laid with flush-struck mortar which using cement that matched the brick colour for a more homogenised finished surface.

 Boneo Road Residence by B.E Architecture - Sheet3
Garden View ©Derek Swalwell

The cement brick was chosen for its ability to develop a soft patina over time, unlike its clay counterparts, which was more suited to the houses’ rural environment.


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