The overall brief for this project was to uplift and modernise this character home. How could the essence of certain features of this family home be retained and modernised to better tailor and suit this young family’s needs.

Project Name: Third Avenue
Studio Name: Mountford Architects
Location: Perth, Australia
Photography: Dion Robeson
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1

 Third Avenue By Mountford Architects - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Dion Robeson

The challenge of this project was to work within the existing footprint of the home and pool, whilst creating a more defined sense of zoning within the main living areas. The original layout of the kitchen was also to be retained, with the addition of a purposeful and flexible dining area option that made use the homes natural light.

 Third Avenue By Mountford Architects - Sheet2
Outdoor Seating ©Dion Robeson

The main living area was open plan however, lacked any sense of connectedness, so the area was designed to create a subtle sense of zoning.

 Third Avenue By Mountford Architects - Sheet3
Poolside View ©Dion Robeson

Whilst being a character property, it had the absence of the warmth the client’s desired to be felt in the original house. The existing property is now better connected to the garden and transformed into an inviting, family orientated space.


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