This residence’s brief was direct – create a modern, resort-like forever home for a professional couple. Two uncomplicated forms sit effortlessly atop a concrete foundation on a steep and narrow site.

Project Name: Morningside Residence
Studio Name:
Square Feet Studio
Project size: 3400 ft2
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 3
Location: Atlanta, United States
Photography: Garey Gomez

Morningside Residence by Square Feet Studio - Sheet1
Living Space ©Garey Gomez

These forms belie an open interior that contains ample amounts of light-filled public and private space, centered around an intimate pool terrace.

Morningside Residence by Square Feet Studio - Sheet2
Bathroom ©Garey Gomez

Structure plays a key role, as the home expresses how it was built, and materials were chosen for durability and tactility.

Morningside Residence by Square Feet Studio - Sheet3
Kitchen+Dining ©Garey Gomez

We focused on simple and deliberate solutions, and the result is a home that offers tranquility and a respite from life in the city.


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