This large family home is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Christchurch with both urban and rural views. A strong gable form, running away from the street, contains the majority of the home over two levels. Separated from this by a glazed link is another smaller gable form, running perpendicular, containing the utility spaces with the second living room tucked discreetly above. A home having a simple material palette and form, with references to both the local rural and urban context.

Project Name: Quarters Place
Studio Name: South Architects
Project size: 389 m2
Site size: 1201 m2
Completion date: 2014
Building levels: 2
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Photography: Stephen Goodenough

Quarters Place by South Architects - Sheet1
Dining+Kitchen ©Stephen Goodenough

This home comprises a simple combination of two gable forms. Once contains the main living and sleeping areas and the other containing utility spaces. This hierarchy is emphasised by the strong form of the living wing taking precedence over the stone form of the garage. These two elements are linked by a transparent walkway, opening up views of the quarry when moving through the .

Quarters Place by South Architects - Sheet2
Outdoor Dining ©Stephen Goodenough

Once inside the dwelling, the circulation becomes clear. The solid timber stair and first floor structure is the focal point of the entry, a cruciform shape in plan links the first floor spaces, bridging across the entry. The strong weatherboard form is only interrupted by strategically placed windows along each façade. This rhythm is only changed to focus attention on the main living spaces which spill out to both east and west courtyards. This connection gives both morning and afternoon opportunities to relax and entertain in the fresh air and sunlight.

Quarters Place by South Architects - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Stephen Goodenough

DThe refined urban form, with natural cedar weatherboard cladding, is balanced with the integration of the handcrafted stone elements inserted through the dwelling. These stone forms give indication to the division of the space. This distinguished family home sits perfectly in the semi-rural context.


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