A few years after finishing our client’s summer home lovingly nicknamed “The Floritauk Motel” (which has enough guest rooms to function like a motel) we embarked on the design of a tennis pavilion we called “The Floritauk Tennis Club.” Built on a recently acquired lot of land just below their existing property, it’s a clean, modern, rectangular structure built into the slope of the lot. Our energetic and playful design approach for the tennis club riffed off the design aesthetic we created for the main house: add one part 60’s kitsch Floridian interiors to one part fun beachy Montauk and press blend.

Project Name: Private Tennis Club
Studio Name: Ghislaine Viñas
Project size: 1257 ft2
Site size: 2932 ft2
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Location: Montauk, United States
Photography: Garrett Rowland

Private Tennis Club Montauk by Ghislaine Viñas - Sheet1
Tennis Ground ©Garrett Rowland

The comfy locker room pays homage to the super relaxed country club rooms of years past, easy chairs and all. Each locker is assigned with a seemingly random number — they actually signify important personal events for the family: birthdays, lucky numbers, and anniversaries. For the kitchen we worked with bright jade and brass accents paired with Chinoiserie inspired custom cabinetry, all of this juxtaposed with the classic-turned-graphic black and white bamboo lattice wallpaper scaled way up.

Private Tennis Club Montauk by Ghislaine Viñas - Sheet2
Bathroom ©Garrett Rowland

The living area, used for TV watching and relaxation while waiting for others to finish their tennis games, sports twin chaises upholstered in excessively tropical Christian Lacroix Nouveaux Mondes Canopy fabric from Osbourne & Little and creates a strong contrast to the black and white stripes of the custom canopy hanging over the tennis ball yellow banquette. The bold graphic approach to the bathroom carries through the strong black and white motif while adding another fabulous yellow stripe. A kitsch bird faucet graces the Corian vanity and adds an element of tropical fun.

Private Tennis Club Montauk by Ghislaine Viñas - Sheet3
Dining Space ©Garrett Rowland

All of the art in the pavilion was selected by client Paige West and adds to the tennis-themed space with posters dating back to the 60’s. A custom designed trophy cabinet exhibits vintage tennis wins and stands in front of tennis ball wallpaper by Jonas Wood through Gagosian Shop. All the fun graphics, logo, and branding elements designed by Jaime Viñas.


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