Originally built in 1950, this small duplex was badly in need of updates but had a hidden charm and the potential to be converted into a single family home. The home is located in a vibrant and established neighborhood within walking distance of local shops and restaurants. The client wanted to save the home rather than tearing down and wanted to focus on making the most of a smaller amount of space rather than building the largest allowable home on the property.

Project Name: Vickery Addition
Studio Name: Object & Architecture
Interior Design: Nitsche Creative
Project size: 2281 ft2
Site size: 6950 ft2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Dallas, United States
Photography: Ave Smith

Vickery Addition by Object & Architecture - Sheet1
Fireplace+Dining ©Ave Smith

A new front entry was designed to project out past the original house in order to better address the street and enhance the look of the house. A total of only 760 square feet was added to the house. The new front door is positioned to the side to provide a sense of privacy from the active street. The addition to the front of the house was designed with high ceilings and large undivided windows to create gracious light-filled spaces.

Vickery Addition by Object & Architecture - Sheet2
Fireplace ©Ave Smith

The addition’s minimal palette was then brought through to the remodeled portions of the home. The existing living room, dining room, and kitchen were opened up to create a contemporary hearth room while a larger secondary living room was located in the addition as a separate but connected space. Daylight splashes off the smooth walls by the front door, which sits at the end of a new hallway acting as a horizontal light well that can be seen from the back of the house.

Vickery Addition by Object & Architecture - Sheet3
Kitchen ©Ave Smith

One of the most sustainable ways to build is to reuse what is already there and give it a new life, and the client fully embraced this idea. The client wanted a warm and inviting home that felt uniquely modern. Together, we were able to produce a home that embraces the character of the neighborhood while honoring and emphasizing the qualities of the existing house.


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