Station Street House sits on a prominent corner site in the heart of Carlton North. A new brick wall, distinct from the original pressed red bricks, forms the addition to the rear of the house.

The wall wraps around the site to form a series of internal and external spaces.

Project Name: Station Street House
Firm Name: Robert Simeoni Architects
Project size: 160 m2
Site size: 180 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 2
Location: Carlton North, Australia
Photography: Trevor Mein

Station Street House by Robert Simeoni Architects - Sheet1
Outdoor Kitchen View ©Trevor Mein

The zinc clad first-floor addition sits above the brick plinth, forming a collection of volumes when viewed from the street. A balance was sought between old and new, with equal weight given to the portion of existing building envelope that was retained.

Station Street House by Robert Simeoni Architects - Sheet2
Kitchen Area ©Trevor Mein

The central courtyard creates an interstitial zone, which breaks up the living spaces while allowing them to remain visually connected. The interior spaces are defined by a series of layers, creating a sense of intimacy and enclosure.

Sheer curtains filter light and provide privacy from both the street and within the house.

Station Street House by Robert Simeoni Architects - Sheet3
Kitchen Area ©Trevor Mein

Outside a perforated steel stair connects the house to the study, an introverted space accessed along the walkway, a tall and narrow bridge offering only a view of the sky.


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