Client had a simple and clear brief of 4 BHK Bungalow and was seeking a lifestyle that evolved harmoniously between man and nature. They wanted the house to have a connection with the garden, plenty of natural light, and lively interiors

Project Name: Urban Frame House
Firm Name: Shayona Consultant
Plot Area – 3600 SQ.FT.
Built Up Area – 5000 SQ.FT.
Location: Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Photo Credits: Vinay Panjwani

©Vinay Panjwani

As one enters the house, the built form reveals its framed facade closely. This concept of frames is introduced with intentto maintain the privacy of the user. The planning allows for integrating a linear parking area. Since the house shares a common wall with adjoining bungalow on the south, a beautiful garden has been provided in the north.

A hierarchy of three frames create an interesting mass of volumes.

©Vinay Panjwani

The ground floor is an exciting and cozy space with prudent openings.The first frame marks a refreshing entry to the garden as well as to the housewith double height volume, with fresh views of the garden& lots of natural light and air. One lands into a vestibule that gives glimpse of the spaces leads to the drawing room.The drawing room opens to the views of gardenand has a swift connection and a nature inspiration theme.The dining and kitchen space are placed opposite to each yet allows significant visual connections with main entry and drawing room as well.

What I love most about this house, is a stunning family sitting with a huge void space above connectingthe ground floor to the highest ceiling of the house. With an artificial vertical garden in its backdrop,this space becomes even more appealing and colorful. This volume creates a drama of light and shadowsthrough-out the day across the interiors with the triple height window. The parents’ bedroom is drawn towards the south and has its own garden with pergola. The journey to the upper level happens through the circulation facilities like the staircase and a lift, placed towards the south.

©Vinay Panjwani

The first floor is a brightly lit space with the natural light striking the passages that lead to the master and son’s bedroom. The passage overlooks vertical garden wall &the family sittingbelow.The master bedroom expresses warmth of the woodand the combination of bronze mirror with white MCM cladding material and its significantly large size allowsvisual connections with the ground floor entrance and the garden below.An elevated garden facing west has been provided on the first level, being enclosed directly bythe highest façade frame, it becomes a double heighted garden. The son’s bedroom towards the south displays a blend of dark earthen elements.

On the second floor, a guest bedroom and a compact leisure room is placedadjoining to a vast elevated party lawn. This terrace garden gives the users a chance to get closer to the ultimate height of uppermost frame. The materiality of the house is vibrant in every space.Combination of stone, wood, Italian marble for flooring across the house .and the contemporary furniture pieces, add luxury and comfort to the spaces.his Urban Frame House is a unique combination of spatial planning; extensive spaces and expressive lights,,helped visualized the dreams of our client.


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