Hendra House is a project that takes strong cues from mid century design and the local subtropical climate. The L shaped plan forms a direct connection to the North East corner of the yard opening the entire lower and upper levels to the sun and local summer breezes.

Project Name: Hendra House
Studio Name: Hive Architecture
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Andy MacPherson

©Andy MacPherson

The beautiful Jacaranda tree positioned in the front yard also inspired height and volume to the home and afforded the ability to open to the façade street whilst maintaining a comfortable level of privacy.

©Andy MacPherson

The project brief called for a modern home that acknowledges the traditional Queenslander and character of the suburb.

©Andy MacPherson

The open plan works to support a home for a growing family which can close down for more intimate evenings and open up to ‘full party mode’ and accommodate entertaining across both the lower and upper levels. A large concrete balcony serves to expand the upper floor plan and provide a deep overhang to protect the lower level areas.


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