Individuals who have traveled the world with exquisite taste can hope that when travel starts to slow down, they can rely on the sublime comfort of home to satisfy. With only a small expansion of space but precise attention to detail, the craft of building now shines through in this home in Old Ottawa South.

Project Name: Wendover
Studio Name: Shean Architects
Project Size: 900 ft2
Site Size: 2400 ft2
Completion Date: 2018
Building Levels: 2
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Photography: Younes Bounhar and Doublespace Photography

©Younes Bounhar and Doublespace Photography

Carefully directed light cascades across the many treasures and details of the design are carefully thought out to complement rather than force the conversation. The temperate approach allows the existing structure to seamlessly evolve with the changes, allowing the new details and craftsmanship in the house to expand the spatial conversation.

©Younes Bounhar and Doublespace Photography

The rear façade continues to evoke the eloquence of detail – with a natural eastern white cedar screen and large sliding doors, the exterior receives the western light to reveal subtle tones in texture, communicating intimately with the house.

©Younes Bounhar and Doublespace Photography

Every material is chosen meticulously yet lovingly to, speak together and stand-alone in eloquence at the same time, perfectly coinciding with the taste expected of an articulate artist.


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