The form allows the core area of residence to open out in north & east lush green landscape, pool and water bodies with semi covered veranda, balconies and open sitting platforms. Same times it screen harsh south and west sun by solid exposed brick and RCC façade. The space planning is simple and functional spread all around the north & east side garden and stand alone temple.

Project Name: Urban Villa
Studio Name: Ace Associates
Photography: Tejas Shah Photography

©Tejas Shah Photography


We were serving the same client for their various other projects so being well known to us the brief was very simple – basic needs of the family like number of the bedroom required and a few specific details for temple required.


  • The site is located in outskirts of Nadiad city.
  • West :- Approach road to the site.
  • South :- Small old dense residential dwellings.
  • East :- Primary school campus with grown trees.

North:- Owners adjoining garden property

©Tejas Shah Photography

The Philosophy


Stepping out of obvious contemporary minimalism, the interiors and landscape make the space come alive vibrantly. Blend of exotic art work, antiques, customized furniture and finishes gives unique identity to each spaces to justify its functions.

The Entrance Vista

The entry vista ends up with glorious stand alone temple structure guided by long water body and series of sculptures.

©Tejas Shah Photography

The Formal Living Pavilion

Double heighted pavilion like structure overlook the water body and sitting platforms. The corridor that leads further to the kitchen and dining spaces overlooks the pool on north and is screened by two bed rooms on ground floor.

Dining – Kitchen

Dining and formal kitchen is accompanied by south court which is filtering harsh south light and allows breeze to come in and display life size antique horse cart sculpture. And on north the space gradually opens out in semi covered veranda and pool.

©Tejas Shah Photography


Bedrooms are designed in more personalised way to reflect user’s functional requirements, taste and age. The versatile bedroom interiors reflect various styles like classic bold minimalism, contemporary sophistication, Mediterranean legacy, retro.

Landscape and Temple 

Stand alone Haveli temple with stand out color palette break the monotony of traditional temple structure and well compliments with long approach water body and lush green landscape.


Ace Associates

The designers quadro has form the design firm “ace associates” as result of their long academic association which faciliate them to understand the skills and orientations of individuals.

Ace associates is a practice of young architects who provide innovative and environmentally sustainable architecture which is driven by function, clarity and beauty.

We at ace associates are committed to and skilled at solving our various type of clients ranges from institutions, residential, commercial and hospitality.   Meeting their expectations and managing the ongoing challenges that a site and its context presents.

We take pride in the design and delivery of projects that consistently exceed expectations. The firm provides in house design solutions in various aspects of the projects. We design architectural, interiors, as well landscapes to our various type of clients ranges from institutions, residential, commercial and hospitality.


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