Located along Bouldin Creek, the house was designed around an internal courtyard that faces the creek to provide a feeling of seclusion along this busy street in Bouldin.

Project Name: Annie Street
Studio Name: DIG:A
Project Size: 1795
Site Size: 5782
Completion Date: 2016
Building Levels: 2
Location: Austin, Texas, United States


The copper shingles were selected to provide a hard barrier against the street, while the addition of the two corner windows in the copper surfaces creates a profile that is still welcoming to the neighborhood and gives a hint of what’s behind the facade.


Once you enter the front gate, you are immediately removed from the street into an oasis surrounded by nature and running water and are completely removed from the cityscape that lies just outside.


Since this property is located on a 100 year floodplain, the house is raised on a foundation that allows water to flow underneath, reducing the amount of water displacement onsite to prevent flooding downstream. This creates a unique opportunity for the house to be raised at near eye-level with the branches of the large oak trees that line the creek.


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