When the 1st Ave client approached Haeccity Studio, it was clear they were looking for a sophisticated aesthetic, but with a sense of humour. They had a small, but beloved collection of art and eclectic artefacts to be incorporated, and they wanted to be very involved.

Project Name: Armoury District Apartment
Studio Name: Haeccity Studio Architecture
Completion Date: 2019
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Photography: Krista Jahnke

©Krista Jahnke

The result is an interior face-lift of a compact two-storey apartment in Vancouver’s False Creek neighbourhood that would personalize the space for the unique couple, while simultaneously transforming the existing layout into a more functional and spacious home.

The upper floor was completely reconfigured to take full advantage of the unique double exposure to both northern and southern light. Continuous custom casework along the western wall relocated the kitchen to adjoin an outdoor dining area. In addition to adding ample storage, the minimal, white casework also houses a home office and reading nook.

©Krista Jahnke

The ubiquity of light on the upper level was also an important consideration for the design of a feature staircase with a custom white perforated metal guardrail screen. This porous partition, drawn from South American courtyards visited by the couple, invites natural light to pour onto the wooden staircase and entry below, and animates the space with a subtle play of ever-changing shadows.

The perforated guardrail screen peels away from the stair like a curtain at the lower level, furtively inviting you to ascend the stairwell. This chamfer is echoed in the kitchen island above, whose playful angular form allows easy access to bar seating.

These gestures of circular perforations and sloping edges animate the space against a quiet and minimal backdrop, creating delight and curiosity in the interior.

©Krista Jahnke

The success of the project is demonstrated in the ability to address all of the clients’ functional needs, while imbuing the space with the owners’ personality. Every inch of the apartment adapts to specific uses, enabling several ‘rooms’ to share the same space without relying on partitions. The architecture therefore adapts to the users’ domestic experience rather than having the user adapt to a conventional apartment layout.


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