An extensive renovation of a large 1910 picturesque heritage dwelling in a fabulous garden setting. The brief was to transform this neglected house into a contemporary, comfortable and beautiful home.

Project Name: Ballara
Studio Name: Rosstang Architects
Site Size: 2960 m2
Completion Date: 2018
Building Levels: 2
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Hilary Bradford

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©Hilary Bradford

1. Family friendly atmosphere
It was important to ensure the home was not intimidating for the family, their friends or guests. This was achieved through maintaining an appropriate scale that compliments the existing dwelling while using textural and tactile materials that are welcoming and approachable.

©Hilary Bradford

2. Celebrate the junctions between old and new
Careful consideration was paid to ensure the connection where the existing building met the new extension were respectful to the heritage of the building while also celebrating the junction. This was achieved by using textures, materials and framing devices, such as windows, to define the moment of transition.

©Hilary Bradford

3. Ensure every space of the home is utilised
In the existing home there were several dark and underutilised spaces. By creating openings and allowing natural light in, it was key for the project to bring life and joy back into these spaces.

©Hilary Bradford

The result is a revitalised heritage home that contributes significantly not only to its inhabitants but to the streetscape and broader environment. The new extension and connections to the outdoors intervene, but do not interfere, with the old building so that it can continue to be relevant in an evolving context.

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