The principal aspect of the project is to propose to the residents of Saint-Gély-du-Fesc a figurehead from their coming from Montpellier. This slender facade that we treat as a lace comes to sublime this important corner of the Clapas Avenue.

Project Name: Hora Del Sol
Studio Name: A+Architecture
Program: Construction of 50 collective housing
Client: FDI Groupe
Location: Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, Hérault (France)
Project Management Team: A+Architecture, Epsilon, L’Echo, Arteba, Celsius Environnement, BET Brinas
Surface Area: 3,470 m2 SDP
Construction Cost: € 4,244,000  excl. VAT
Completion: 2020 – 2017
Photography: Camille Gharbi

©Camille Gharbi

It will be alive over the day by light games which will be projected on the facade during the day and which will allow a sweet environment during the evening. Real signal, this facade is one of stron–g intention of the project.

©Camille Gharbi

The alignment all over the Clapas Avenue comes to improve the integration in the general urbanism. The Verries street part get the other strong intention of the project.

©Camille Gharbi

In fact, the site and his elevation encouraged us to work on large terraces full of sun, real comfortable place for the future residents of the project which gave it the name of « Hora Del Sol ».


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