Designing the space impels a décor that needs to appeal to varied tastes. This apartment in Surat, Gujarat redefines the concept of a designer home, using color accents in otherwise light interior décor. It’s a simple functional house with all minimal requirements and less maintenance house.

Project Name: Modi’s House
Studio Name: Aplus Design
Location: Vesu, Surat, Gujarat
Carpet Area: 1500 sq.ft.
Designer: Ravi Gajjar.
Photography: Bhavesh Raghavani
Content: Malisha Parmar
Year of completion: 2019

©Bhavesh Raghavani

As a part of interest our client was fond of paintings to be displayed so it played major role in designing aspect. As we enter the passage area the use of wooden slatted main door with Smoke grey PU finished walls, soft finishes and clean lines dominate these, with metallic gold text ‘MODI’S” representing with iconic design symbol carved in  MDF with touch of green makes it more welcoming.

Living space has an overpowering feature as the wooden cladded wall which highlights the space and marks the continuation into the dining area. The palette of the project is simple, defining the three main elements that make it up: Italian marble flooring changing as per the functionality of the space, Ash Wood defining the objects, and grey finish.

The materials hold the space strongly with a particular color palette. On skinny metal legs, the furniture in this living room seems to be floating above the floor, bringing a sense of weightlessness to the space. This unique living space features Ash wood slatted panels on walls with a velvety finish rug matching the center table just right. The design of the furniture in wood and metal is tradition but is executed in a modern minimalist way. The Indian swing seating makes it as divider to the space between informal seating and dining area yet comprising the space equally.

©Bhavesh Raghavani

Bespoke furniture elements kept according to the client’s need.The furniture is a mix of contemporary with different design elements by our studio, which creates a classic and cozy atmosphere. The ash wood and the grey hue finish become the leaders of the colours and textures palette. The curved shaped edge ceiling designed according to functionality & also plays aesthetic role.The importance of them, almost visible from every spot.

The deep sea velvety sofa makes an argument to this palette by focusing attention to it. A nonchalant elegance best describes the soul of the house. In order to make a dialogue between the contemporary with different textures, patterns and uniform colors have been used throughout the house.

The parallel shaped kitchen with a high spec modern technologies and artificial stone counter top with fresh furniture in white and grey and sleek open breakfast counter is designed to be a light space that beautifully blends in. This volume integrates the access to the private area –bedroom, wash area and bathroom-, segregating this way the day area living and dining area.

©Bhavesh Raghavani

The Master Bedroom layout remodeled in accordance with contemporary trends and the client’s needs. The paintings which is inspired from the well-known artist and as strong believer in vaastu by the clients it has been displayed in right position which reflects good vibes. The seamless panel running through bed back having grooves on them which forms symmetrical pattern on wood. Using the same material by forming the side tables in circular pattern with round shaped metal supports.

The Son’s bedroom is integrated with closet, TV unit and dressing table. The entire ceiling is connected with wood stripes panels running on the walls which starts from main door of the room and ends on the full height closet and subdivided by lime plaster in grey with grooves on it. The graphics now a days plays major role in every design aspect, so we tried customized different athlete position in game play captured in frames and be part of the focal point in room.

Each furniture element is designed by the studio, consists of dressing table and sleek minimal TV unit – the dressing table is designed in such a way as per client’s desire with less of maintenance with vertical mirror supported by metal rod which act as a hanger to hang clothes on it & running through veneer box with drawers over an horizontal sheet of ply support.

©Bhavesh Raghavani

Each details speaks the entire space is crafted with a confluence of contemporary art presented in a modern palette. You’ll find them throughout the home, right from the color, furniture selection, to the wall paneling style teamed up with modern artworks and artefacts. Each bedroom has a character of its own based on the user. This room was designed with a picturesque composition was made to create a backdrop to compliment the minimalistic furniture in entire space.

The backdrop of the bed panel is veneer cladded in frame box placed in the form of Tetris. The geometric patchwork mosaic tiles placed in between the cladding so that it’s easy to maintain. Sleek handle details with full height closet and fine thin leg supports makes it more classic and modern. Thus, the apartment gained a contemporary atmosphere and it is ready to receive a new lifestyle, of a new generation and new values.


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