We intend to create architecture that breathes and one that symbolize the characteristics of a tree in nature to architecture through this project. Jaipur has had a deep global influence of more than 250 years over its art, architecture and culture out of which evolved the roots of Indian vastu styles with a backdrop of innovative materials. The cultural influence of Jaipur with its hundreds of years of rituals and customs are represented by jali which creates it’s own identity. The modern facade of the building represents the jali in the building with it’s punctures and levels.

Project Name: Radiant Casa
Architecture Firm: Sanidhya Design
Firm Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area: 22600 m2
Project Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Lead Architects: Rahul Agarwal
Photo Credits: Sanidhyadesign


The project strategy stems from the fundamental condition that the site has, it is located near airport which increase the economic and prestige value of the site also it is near jawahar circle park which is claimed to be the largest traffic circle in India and is a center of nightlife in Jaipur. Each floor in the building contains two flats as a whole this project contains 3 towers each with 3bhk, 4bhk, and Penthouse apartments. The planters are placed on every floor, which creates a drama of light to every resident and make this structure dramatic and yet be deeply rooted to nature. the glazed area of the windows is generous and similar in each room and it takes advantage of the benefits of moving vertically with efficiently organized services with views across the city.


A concrete frame provides the skeleton, while central courtyard allows openings on all sides and a view to every room. Rooms are treated as pockets within the larger shell, minimizing the need for air conditioning and maintaining the connection to the outdoors and balconies bring a region of outdoor space into the room. The apartments are designed with minimal circulation spaces with a large living and dining area. This layout is done keeping in mind that there will be three generations live together. the semi-open stair breathes air through the house, while ventilation in each room can be controlled by opening windows, maximizing natural light and cross ventilation in the house. the vehicular movement of the project was planned in such a way that it does not obstruct any sort of pedestrian movement and vehicular movement.


The Radiant Casa landscape creates a green Oasis and luxurious retreat for the Residents. Lush tropical planting greets the resident. The elegant and calm entrance is shaded and breezy, while the sound of water softens the noise of the street creating a relaxing environment. High spaces, refined finishes and elegant lighting create a sense of luxury to all the residents. The centerpiece of the vibrant garden is a horizon edge pool that continues to be the focal point from the kids pool, gym and community hall. Hidden among the garden is an old folk’s area with a fitness corner to be enjoyed by the elderly group. Nestled under the main tower buildings are play areas, multipurpose court, giant chess boards and seating areas for all the age group to enjoy.

Sanidhya Design

Sanidhya is a firm of architects, master planners, interior and graphic designers having offices in Jaipur and Hyderabad. It was found in 2006 in Jaipur, sanidhya is known for his dedicated and leading creative force. Uderpinned by real personalities, the team is united by the desire to create the very best in design, vast exposure and understanding, creative flair and design integrity are brought together to deliver architectural solutions that are inspiring, enduring, cost effective and commercial sound.


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